Friday, December 19, 2014

Stake Primary Christmas Choir

(Celeste Vinas, Eli, Lucas, Liam Ordaz and Kate) 

3 WORDS:  Estrella de Luz

It's my new favorite Primary song.  Apparently I have never noticed it in the Spanish Primary Book before (makes sense because there isn't a translated copy of it in the English book).  
 But I'll tell you this:  When these rebel angels and the rest of the children got up to sing...

 It went right to my core.  Thank you for the Christmas Spirit that you just wrapped me up in.

Afterwards, Kate found out that her friend Celeste's grandpa, is a GA of the seventy, and she had to get his autograph.  NOW THAT IS MY KIND OF AUTOGRAPH.  A MAN OF GOD.  He was so cute.  He talked with her and asked her all sorts of questions, and then signed his name on a piece of paper from my purse :)  Kate has thrilled.  

I'll admit.  I wasn't too excited about this before it began, but boy am I glad Kate participated in it.  What an incredibly experience.  

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