Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Amazonas Day 4: Into the Amazon Swamp We Go

 Realized 4 days in that we never took a picture at the welcome sign!

 We said goodbye to our friends, Sue and Rick, whom we met and traveled around with on this adventure.  They were on their way to Machu Picchu and we were on our way deep into Amazon swamp.


The weather can change in an instant on the river.  
And it did on our ride out to the swamp.  Poor Luke squeezed in naps here and there when he could.  Thankfully we took plenty of boat rides!
Kate and our amazing guide Celso.
We reached the swamp, and look!  The weather was already starting to change for the better!  
The foliage was quite dense at times ;)  Haha.  
We weren't sure there was even water underneath us anymore!
We were told that there are plenty of caiman in these waters, but you only see them at night.  And apparently you stay as far away from the swamp at night as you can.  It's a touch on the dangerous side.  
Suddenly we had our first Sloth in the wild sighting.  It had rained quite a bit the last few days, and so the sloths were slowly making their way up to the very tiptop of the trees to allow the sun to dry them off. 

We couldn't believe how many wild sloths we were seeing around us!  We were hoping to see one and ended up seeing at least 6!!!

Heading deeper into the depths of the swamp

and we found yet another one!

Here we all are :)

The boys were loving being the scouts up front.

This made me only slightly nervous. 
 I had visions of him falling in and being attacked by who knows what!  Thankfully we were going snail pace, so held my tongue for at least a good 5 minutes before saying anything.
It was like we were just boating through grass!  Imagine a caiman hiding beneath this stuff!  
Kind of gives you the creeps!

The roots of these plants just float right below the plant in the water

Cute Boys.

Quite a few LARGE lily pads all lined up in some nice rows :)

Check out the water line on the trees.  We were definitely here at a low point.

That face.

Those faces!!!!  How I love them.

Ooooooh and this face.  He is too much.

Termites know how to do their thing pretty well here :)

How would you like to live here?
I have a thing for colorful laundry out on the line.  

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