Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Amazonas Day 5: Indiana and Bellavista Villages

 After the marketplace, we walked down to another local port on the other side of the village.  

 Loading up supplies in their boats to take back to their own villages. 

 People live here on the banks of the river.  Most of the floating homes are built with two levels so if the bottom level begins to flood, the family just heads up to the top.  

 We couldn't get over how BIG the bananas grow in the Amazon.  

 The rain didn't seem to bother a soul.

 Not even this little, old, barefooted woman.

It was business as usual. 

After we walked through Indiana, we climbed into our Moto-taxis again and went to see the neighboring village, Bellavista. 

 We got going pretty fast down this hill!  And we just cruised right through that big puddle at the bottom.  There may have been some squeals coming from the back of our taxi :)
Quite the traffic!

 The Big Futbol Stadium

You just get used to being wet here.  Comes with the territory. 

 Bellavista was truly a beautiful view.  
The kids had to get a shot next to the tree shaped like a sloth!

We walked through their tiny market and then found ourselves among vultures before it was time to get back on our boat and head home to pack. 

We LOVE the Amazon.

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