Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tuesday Morning at Los Dominicos

Today was the day.  We would be picking the kids up at noon so we could head to the airport and fly up to San Pedro de Atacama...the driest desert in the world.  
 But there was still time in the morning to go and see!  So, we went out to get into the car and saw that Majo, our dog trainer for Lucy, was there to pick her and Maple up.  Sometimes I'd have her take the dogs up into the hills and let them run around with other dogs.  It helped calm Lucy down... a little... she just wanted more than anything to be with other dogs :)  Anyway, it was quite the spectacle to see!  Majo opened up the back of her car and there were like 15 dogs back there, all staring and barking at the dogs that were ready to join them.  Lucy lept into the car and said her hellos to all of her new buddies.  Maple was trying to run for her life, poor thing.  I didn't make her go again.
 But check out that sweet face.  I think I could have one of those!!!
 So, we said goodbye to Majo and the perros and we were off to Los Dominicos.  
 Within seconds, mom and dad were in heaven :)

It's the perfect place to window shop 
 I love this place.  It has so much character and is filled with so many beautiful things.  I find something new every time I come!

 Here are the cute mini-three-legged pigs for good luck.  They come in all sizes, but these are so cute!

 The Elves and the Shoemaker must live here :)  
I love those strips of leather on the end of the sewing machine table.
 I always feel the need to "duck" when I'm here.  All of the ceilings feel incredibly low to me :)

Beautiful.  And we scored some good stuff too :) 
 Hurry!  We need to go pick up the kids!

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