Saturday, December 6, 2014

Atacama: Valle de la Luna

 For our first exploration we were off to explore Moon Valley

 Bird's Eye view of Valle de la Luna
Volcanoes surrounded us

 Panoramic View of Valle de la Muerte (Valley of the Dead).  Originally called Valle de la Marte (Mars) because it looked so much like a different planet, but people misunderstood the man who named it, because of his accent.  Soooo.... it's now known as Muerte :)  Fitting, if you ask me.

 Trying out the GoPro for the first time.  Kids were LOVING the headpiece.  I just requested that it not show up in EVERY picture ;)

 Then it was time to drive down into the Valley...

and stop at the only bathroom for as far as we could see!

 It really did feel like we were on another planet
 Las Tres Marias

 And that salt was EVERYWHERE!!!!  (From dried up lakes)
 Checking out the salt crystals and maybe even tasting them at times.  He's got a thing for it. 

It could have been snow if you didn't know better!  Surrounded by it.

Then it was off to explore the nothingness...

 If we were quiet enough, we could actually hear the salt growing.
That's one big piece of salt

 Little rats are the only things that actually survive out here.  Hope there isn't one in there with you, Kate!
 Entrance to the cave
 Much much cooler inside

All of this was created with just a little wind and water...and plenty of time of course :)

"Can I get a ride outta here?!"

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