Sunday, December 28, 2014

Amazonas: Day 2 Canopy Walkway in the Treetops

We got up the next morning, had breakfast, and then headed out on our little boat deeper intop the Amazon for another 2 hours.

We learned that the river people just within the last year were given cell phones and generators for electricity by the Peruvian government.  
It was hard for me to imagine that people still lived this way!  Cell phones and electricity within the last year?  It's 2015.  Amazing.  
We passed many on their boats out catching fish early in the morning.
Family coming out of the deep jungle

Couldn't get over these boats!
It took a while to get to our destination.  Kids were still a little wiped out from our big arrival ;)   
We arrived at our destination where Explorama has another lodge that it a little more primitive.

Love how they patch their roofs
We had a delicious lunch...everyone fell in love with all of the delicious Peruvian food and all of the fresh fruit!
We didn't know it at the time, but Luke had pneumonia while we were on our trip!  Poor thing.  I knew he had a cold but didn't realize it was that bad!!!   He was such a great sport the entire time.
Everything is bigger in the jungle
When lunch was over, we got our ponchos on and headed out on our second hike.  This time we were in the true, primary rainforest, and we were heading to the canopy walkway.  The humidity was intense.  And so were the mosquitos!  
Kate found her first frog

Mud, rain, thick rainforest and humidity.  Makes for a great hike ;)

Insects are just cooler in the rainforest
The kids did awesome on the hike despite the draining heat.  We had 2 other couples in our group with us (Hanna and Michael from NYC and Sue and Rick--she was a kindergarten teacher) and they were so nice and patient with our family of 5.
We finally made it to the base of the canopy walkway.  The walkway is over 115 feet high and extends for one-third of a mile above the treetops.  It's one of the longest walking canopies in the world.
We took out some water for everyone to drink and when we looked up, there were 3 little bats sleeping right above us!
Michael from NYC was scared of heights.  So we offered to go first ;) 
The canopies were connected by 14 of the biggest trees in the rainforest.

View from the first bridge

Because of the rain, things were really slippery!  We made sure the kids didn't get too far ahead of us and made them promise to hold on with both hands.  
Michael and Hanna slowly making there way behind us.

Kate and Jake were loving it.  

Luke was a little nervous about how high up we were, but as long as Joe was holding his hands, he was able to make his way. 

Above the rainforest
We couldn't even see the forest floor below us.
Little nervous but he did it!

Lizards, birds and beautiful plants.  Monkeys had gone into hiding because of the rain, but it was still worth it.  We loved the canopy walkway.  

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