Friday, December 5, 2014

Visiting Valpo

Day 2 of Momo and BG's stay, we decided to drive to the coast and show them around Valparaiso.  
 Dad did such a great job capturing everything!  I look at these pictures and think, "I see markets like this on a weekly basis, where people just lay everything out on the ground to sell," but I've never taken a picture of it.  And this truly is Chile!
 A "nana" (maid) in her uniform looking to purchase 2nd hand shoes.

And an abundance of all types of art, everywhere you turn.

 Doing a little shopping at the market

 Time to ascend up to the picturesque part of town

 We all were able to fit in one of the famous funiculars

 Overlooking the city

 We walked all through the colorful streets and stopped in quaint shops to find momentos and treasures

 Sometimes we were given really strong hints that we had stopped to shop in one too many stores :)
 They were famished and tired of waiting

 Plenty to look at when you are walking these streets

 And of course... plenty to eat as well!

Hills like home in San Francisco!

 Look at those juices!  Can't get enough of them down here.  Going to really miss that when we leave.

 I love this

We walked and walked and walked until little people were requesting to be held.  Love the uniqueness of this city.  We came, we saw, we conquered.  It was time to move on to the next place.  After all, there were still a few hours of light in the day :)

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