Saturday, December 6, 2014

San Pedro de Atacama-- Our Arrival

Tuesday afternoon, October 28th, we were back at the airport.  In a way, because we had done so much, it didn't feel like we had been there just 4 days before, picking Mom and Dad up for the first time.

 We flew into the Calama airport and had a guy there waiting to pick us up.  As we drove the hour or so to get to Atacama, I thought to myself, "It's just barren.  For as far as I can see.  It's like driving through Nevada times a million!  How could this be such an amazing place?!!!!"  I prayed it would be a great trip.  After all, I think I was the one who suggested we take Mom and Dad here.  

 The sun was setting just as we were coming up on a lookout area over Valle de la Luna.  So of course we stopped to take a look.  
 Old school prison?  Or refuge from the whipping wind that leaves sand in the eyes...

 What a shot!  I love this.  The people I love with the golden vastness surrounding them. 

 He's ready to get out there!

It was a long day.  We were ready to check into our hotel and crawl into bed.  

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