Saturday, December 6, 2014

Atacama: Rainbow Valley

 Our last stop was to the Domeyko Mountains, where mineral-rich rocks of various colors give the striking Rainbow Valley its name.

 Check out the contrast!

 We timed this just right as the sun was starting to set.  The colors in this valley were spectacular. 

 One of the only places you can find this type of rock...and now I can't remember the name of it.  When Kate heard that, she was filling her pockets with the stuff.  She was well behind the rest of us because she was so weighed down by the things! Our treasure hunter.  The black crystals were formed do to incredible amounts of pressure surrounding the minerals as the mountains were formed.  
 Wild donkeys!

 Love our boys
I'd say, all in all, this was a GREAT way to spend Halloween.  I hid a bag of candy that you can only find in the US and gave it to the kids in the van on the drive home.   

Candy Corn and this view to finish off our day?  You can't beat it.   

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