Monday, December 29, 2014

Amazonas: Day 3 Piranha Fishing

 Day 3 and we were back in the boat again!  It's really your only option if you want to go anywhere.  Good thing we all love being on water and feeling the wind in our faces.  It's the best!!!

 Luke showing off how dark his Piranha tattoo had become.
 Just some sights along the way

 On our way to go fishing, Celso drove us passed his village that he grew up in.  
 There it is!  There is one tiny school and it's population now has dwindled down to around 50 people.

 Check this out.  We weren't going to be fishing on the Amazon.  We were going to turn off into another river in hopes of finding the fish.  As we got close to the other river, you could actually see the line where the Amazon ends and the Black River begins!  The soil sediment is so different in the 2 rivers that you can see the stark color contrast.  AMAZING!  

 Here we are, making our way down the Black River.

 Have you heard of pink dolphins?  There are actually pink river dolphins that live in these parts of the world.  AGAIN.  AMAZING.  So as we were cruising along, suddenly, Celso stops the boat and tells us to keep our eyes open.  He had just spotted a river dolphin.  
 Sure enough, there it was.  Now, the female river dolphins aren't bright pink.  They are more grayish pink.  But we saw a couple of them and we were really excited!  Of course it made me REALLY want to see a male to see just how pink they really are.

 Then we headed further down the river and found a good spot to go fishing for those little guys that could bit our fingers off if we let them.
 We were given some wooden sticks and hooks and cow meat and then were told to throw the bait overboard and make as much splashing as possible with our "poles" so the piranhas would be attracted to the distress that has happening at the surface.  
 Nice.  Held onto the kids a little tighter in the boat to make sure they didn't fall in and cause any distress!  Look at those teeth!

 I caught the first for the Berryhills.  Little? Yes.  Dangerous?  I wouldn't grab it! 

 Luke was next

And then Jake.  I love that look on his face.  Complete joy.

 Then Joe....

And finally Kate!!!  It took her a while, but she got the biggest one out of all of us!  

 It was a total success!  

 And when we got back to the lodge, and headed up for lunch, guess what was waiting for us?

Piranha!!!  Teeth and all!
Yay.  Jake looks really excited to eat it, doesn't he?!  Haha.  Not a lot of meat on those suckers.

 I had to take a picture of the way our name was interpreted for our table :)

 We were all glad that this wasn't the only thing on the menu that afternoon :)  But we sure had fun catching it!

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