Saturday, December 6, 2014

Atacama: At Night

 We came home and showered to get the rest of the salt off of us.  
 We ate dinner and got ready to go to our very first astronomy lesson.  Thankfully it was in one of the best places in the world to see the stars.  Oh look!  Another child has now donned the GoPro.  
 Let's just say I wasn't quite sure what to expect when it came to our lesson on the stars and planets.  I was blown away with all we learned!  The kids were enamored with the super power laser that our guide used to point to the stars.  They apparently can't be sold in the US.  But he could just point straight to the cluster of stars or planets he was looking at and the laser went right to it!  After we explored the sky with our naked eyes, we went in and looked through his mega telescope.  AMAZING.

 This is the moon :)  We zeroed the telescope in on it and the put my cell phone right up to it and snapped a picture.  How cool is that!!!!  
Late night for the kids...but worth every single second.  We all loved it.  

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