Saturday, December 6, 2014

La Dehesa Primary Party

Look at this turnout!!!
Oh how we missed Momo and BG when they went back to the US. 
 Getting ready for our Primary party though, helped keep us busy :)
We would be taking the kids to La Granaventura--a farm that was about an hour away and it would be all day long.  I was a little nervous about keeping track of everyone, so I surprised everyone with bright, matching colored shirts with "Haz Lo Justo" (Choose the Right) on the front :)  
When the kids found out they could keep them, they were shocked...and so excited.   It almost brought me to tears right there in that fenced-in church parking lot.   
The car rides were a little long...
and pretty noisy... but the kids were having a blast and that was the most important part.  

We got to feed the fish and ducks...

Play on the zip lines....
Could have stayed there the entire day!!!!!   Down and back the kids zipped...
Over and over again.
Joana Mena, my dear friend and counselor who thought up this great idea, was a champ at getting the kids going.
Look at those cute, little legs.  I love them.  I was worried Luke would go flying off the thing when he hit the end.  It gives you quite the swing!  But he held on like a champ and was ready to go again as soon as he hopped off.

Ostrich eggs.  Wow.  
They are really big.
We got to see all sorts of animals... 

...we learned out to make bread...

...Ate a delicious lunch...

We even got to rope swing, slide and tractor ride!

Hiking is always better with a friend

And then those who wanted to got a hands on experience of milking a real cow.

What a party!  It was so great getting the Primary kids together outside of church where they could run, laugh and play.  I think they loved it.  So grateful to my presidency, the primary teachers and all of the parents who helped with driving, food and managing the masses.  A long day, but we went to bed happy that night!

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