Friday, December 5, 2014

Wait for us, Pomaire!!!

We said goodbye to Valparaiso, hopped in the car, and made our way

through toll booths, 
 passed beautiful countryside,
 (stopping along the side of the road for some of the best jam and produce ever!)
 until we reached the cute, little town called
 It's known for it's pottery, but has plenty of other Chilean souvenirs as well.
 Thankfully we made it with a couple of hours to spare before the all of the stores began to close.
 That's a BIG vase :)
 The ovens used for cooking empanadas

 3 Legged Pigs (on the top) are supposed to bring good luck.  It's a Chilean thing.  We bought one.
 The homemade "tortillas" they sell on the side of the street.
Check out the scale on the bed of the truck and the plastic bags hanging from the tree.  Classic.  Great way to shop. 

We stayed 'til the sun began to drop and then made our way back home.  Another wonderfully full day.

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