Thursday, December 18, 2014

Presentations, Getting Wet and a lot of Kudos going on in December at Nido

The last week before summer break, the classes take a couple of hours out of their day and have a party of some sort.  In years past, each class had a big pool party at one of the members of their classes home.  This year, they decided to change that and the PE staff put on for each grade, a HUGE afternoon all sorts of games and water activities.  
 The kids LOVED it.  There were water gun fights, and volleyball, and relay races and obstacle courses and on and on and on... all very organized and a complete blast.  Jake was in heaven.

 When their party on the lawn was over, I helped the teachers get the kids back to class and out of their wet clothes and then rushed up to see Kate's presentation that she had been working on all quarter.  

She is amazing.  I knew she was doing it on Terry Fox.  I helped her search for pictures for him once on the computer and that was it.  She never asked for my help.  I offered but she didn't need it.  I seem to remember my mom staying up with me until the wee hours to finish my projects and presentations.  (Thank you mom...with all my heart). So, in all honesty, I didn't know much about this presentation at all, except that it would be about one Canadian boy who was determined to put a face to cancer awareness by running cross country.

She blew me out of the water.  All of the kids did!  They were all standing next to their desks as parents and friends came into the classroom.  They each had their laptops open with their presentations ready to go.  We were greeted professionally and invited to sit down in the designated chair, and then offered a cookie or a candy or some small treat to enjoy while we listened.  Then the presentations began.  I'll just say, I don't even know how to do what she did.  The computer skills were amazing and each portion was organized so well and packed with great information.  I did my best to not hug Kate too many times because she needed to give her presentation to other parents as well!!!  As we went around the room I learned about many amazing people who have made an impact on society.  And I was so impressed with every single presentation.  Way to go 4A!!!!  So proud of my girl. 

 And..... proud of this one too :)  This picture makes me crack up every time I see it.  Oh Jake.  You are so great.  While Kate was studying all about VIPS, Jake was learning all about insects.  And he had become an ant expert.  He had learned and read all about them in class and his job at home was to create a project to display about ants. 
 Did you say PROJECT?  This guy was pumped.  This is right up his alley.  And doing it with Dad?!  He was on cloud 999.  Joe and Jake spent a good part of Saturday learning all about ant hills and what goes on beneath that little hole at the top.  And then they made their own.  Complete with the Queen Ant.  
Jake couldn't wait to take it to school.  He came home that afternoon and said to me, "Mom, I need to do another project too, to show what the ants body looks like.  You know, like make a GIANT ant?"
 I told him he didn't need to.  One would be very sufficient, especially with all of the time he put into it.  But this is project man we are talking about.  And so, I went and found some supplies and we made a giant model of an ant.  I have to say, I was REALLY excited with how real he looked.  The morning of Jake's presentation, he decided to dress up like an entomologist.  He just melts me.  
 He was so excited to showcase the goods.  We walked over to his station and he read a book about ants to us and told us some of his favorite facts.  
 Once again, my chest almost burst with joy for my kids.  I love seeing them excel and feel good about their hard work and their accomplishments.  I don't get to enjoy that end too much of it and this was just fantastic.  So thrilled that Joe could take off a few minutes from a crazy morning at work to make it for this big moment.  
Love Love love.

Last but not least...

 He passed and is moving up to bigger and better things in the water world.

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