Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Amazonas Day 5: Belen- Amazon's Biggest Marketplace

Before we knew it, we were back in Iquitos.  Our flight didn't take off until much later on New Years Eve, so we grabbed another Moto-taxi and headed to Belen.  The largest Peruvian Amazon Marketplace.  This would be interesting!

 I don't think these things are made for families of 5.  
Good thing we still have a few little bums that can squeeze!

 We drove across and out of town and as we got further and further, I prayed we would be safe!  Our guide had told us before he dropped us off, to be careful in Iquitos, especially because it was New Years Eve.  Once again, Kate voiced her concern.  When we climbed out of the taxi she said, "Ok, we've seen it.  Can we go back?"  
Check this out:

 Turtle Eggs

 Look at these grubs.  

They are enormous!  
 And delicious!!  Tastes like chicken!  Haha!  No, we didn't try them.  We didn't want to be suffering from any melodramatic intestinal issues on the plane ride home.  


 Do you see that alligator head behind the fish? 
What about it's arm?!!!!  I am so grateful I live where I live.  

Thankfully our driver returned us to the city center of Iquitos after an exhaust-filled taxi ride.  
We were safe.  We made it.  It was time to explore the downtown a bit!

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