Saturday, February 27, 2010

"'C' is For Cookie...And That's Good Enough For Me"

Kate has always loved her much so, that we decided she was ready to start reading lessons at the end of last summer. So most days of the week, after Jake would go to bed, Kate and I would do her lessons. She LOVED them!
(Well, I'm not sure if she liked the reading more or the stickers and treats she'd get after the lesson was completed!)
As we neared the end of those 100 lessons, I told Kate we'd need to celebrate
once she finished because she had in fact learned to read and she worked really hard at it.
"What do you want to do?" I expected something along the lines of: a trip to Baskin Robbins for some mint chocolate chip ice cream; a trip to Target for a new doll; possibly a new dress... but what I got without hesitation was,
"I want a cookie party!" I wasn't too sure what was involved in a cookie party...but she was set on it and so we started planning! Kate decided to invite only her BEST friends to the party, which really meant all 18 of them along with their siblings. We figured the park would be best and started praying for a sunny day in the middle of the torrential February rainstorms.

Thankfully our prayers were answered and February 15th was one of the prettiest days of the month! still want to know what you do at a cookie party?
Well, you eat COOKIES of course!

Thank you Mom and Dad for coming--not only was it fun to have you--we needed you. Kate needed her biggest fans, Jake and Brik needed their sidekicks and of course I needed the photographer!
Isn't it nice to be needed? I love you both so much.
Kate welcoming her first guests--Elise and Noah

Decorating cookies is always a good idea at a party such as this
(if you look closely, there is frosting on that cute cheek)

Cookie Monster seemed an appropriate mascot...and what better way to celebrate than with a pinata?

Is there even a cookie under all of that?!!!

It's a good look for you, Gracie!

This was really our only attempt of getting everyone in the same picture. We were so grateful to our family who drove from far to be here and for our friends who joined us to celebrate something we all love!

Thanks for taking him down, Ethan!
Someone needed to get it done!

It was a success! Kate reported that her favorite activities included decorating the cookies and playing "Chocolate, Chocolate, Chip" aka Duck, Duck, Goose. Best part? Friends and Family together on a beautiful day at the park.
Worst Part? Those same Friends and Family who didn't take enough cookies home which resulted in me gaining 8 pounds.
Kate wants another one-- I told her we couldn't do it again until I lost the weight ;)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


That's what I requested when we went to see Sue for Jake's hair. It was getting REALLY shaggy. He woke up from his nap today and I found oatmeal matted in the back right corner of the poor kid's scalp. It couldn't wait. I called to Kate and told her we were going out. "But Mom! It's dinner time!" Joe was coming home late--"How 'bout McDonalds?" She was out the door in 2.6 seconds.
Thankfully, Sue is literally a block from our house, so it only took 2.7 seconds to get to her little salon. I think she did a fantastic job...

So did Jake! If he doesn't look cute!!!!!! I love it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And His Favorite Color Is...

Just a touch difficult to distinguish between the two!

(Scroll down and mute the music before playing)

You tickle me inside, Jake. I love you so much!

Stellar Kate Kwote

This one was so extremely classic that it deserved it's own post. A little history so you'll undertand the photos. When our friends, the Metheny's, came to visit not too long ago, I told Kate that we were going to let them have her room and she was going to share with Jake. At first she thought this seemed unfair. Why couldn't she stay in her room WITH Gwen, Annie and Jeri! (If you've ever seen Kate's room, you'd understand that 2 bodies is tight-- 3 bodies is really pushing it)
So, to ease her pain, I told her that I'd leave a surprise by her bed that she would find in the morning ONLY if she went to sleep in her brother's room gracefully. I think it was the best idea I've ever had. It worked like a charm. Well, since then, Kate has been leaving surprises on our nightstands. She'll sneak out of her room after we've tucked her in, and place certain trinkets that she has specifically picked out for Joe and for me in our room. Sometimes it's a favorite doll or note that she has written. Well, on this night, I walked into our room to go to bed and found the jewels, etc... in the above picture on my side, and the flower and brush below, on Joe's side.

"Cute Kate," I thought, as I climbed into bed. I can almost taste the excitement in that little body as she sneeks into our room each night leaving her surprises. So, the next morning, I was awakened by little footsteps and a huge grin running into my room asking if we liked our gifts. She then proceeded to explain each one.
After finishing my side, she ran over to Joe's side and said,(Joe was long gone by now-- he leaves at 6AM for work every day) "See Mom? I left the red, beautiful flower for Daddy and the blue brush for his armpit hair."
It was so matter-of-fact I almost wet my pants, I was laughing so hard. Ohhh, that girl. She has never witnessed Joe brushing his armpit hair before, but maybe she thought he needed to start! I'm going to miss this stage when it's gone...

Monday, February 8, 2010

"WHY??? Is It a Dump?"

That's the question I get when I've told the kids we aren't doing ANYTHING until we clean up the house. I guess I've used the word "dump" one too many times. I was on the phone with my sister a couple of days ago and happened to actually look at my house--you know--really look at it. It was 12:57PM, about 30 minutes before Jake would be going down for his nap and I was disgusted.
Without a smidge of exaggeration, every inch of our house was in chaos. Pure chaos. It usually is right before Jake's nap time. I usually straighten up twice a day-- right after I put Jake down in the afternoon and then again after the kids
go to bed.This day happened to be a little different. Instead of having that overzealous motivation to get things in order, I just sat and looked at it. I thought to myself and even expressed to Jen, "I should take a picture of this place just to make others feel better!"And you know what? That's what I did. I picked up my camera and started shooting. Kate started laughing and Jake looked at my like I had truly lost a screw. But I decided it needed to be recorded. Why not?!! (Thank you, Kate. She decided she'd capture me in the moment! Yes, that's the phone and the camera in hand, and yes I'm sitting in complete astonishment)

Too often I'll get those LAME feelings of inadequacy when I start reading those perfectly beautiful blogs where someone has just posted her delectable 5 course gourmet meal that she just "whipped up;" her latest sewing masterpiece; the business that she's decided to start up with her children purely to teach them about responsibility...and all of this while a darling toddler hangs onto her knee.
(***Extremely Important Note--PLEASE do not stop those posts--I do love them--and some day I'll have the desire to actually attempt one of those fantastic feats and I'll have to use that exact post as my reference!)

But until then, this post goes out to anyone who wonders if she is the only one who sits and stares at the utter destruction and helps herself to a donut while doing it. No, you aren't the only one...I'm right there with ya! I have only one question, "Old Fashioned or Chocolate covered?"

Friday, February 5, 2010

Glamour Girl

I was making dinner last night and Kate came out in outfit number 17 for the day. The pink skirt, oh, the pink skirt. Kate LOVES the pink skirt because of it's twirling abilities. (Thanks again, BG!) Here she is, doing a couple of her many poses that come far too naturally when the camera lense appears. The personality is unbelievable! Can I blame that one on Joe? Hmmm.... I have a feeling he wouldn't agree...