Saturday, February 27, 2010

"'C' is For Cookie...And That's Good Enough For Me"

Kate has always loved her much so, that we decided she was ready to start reading lessons at the end of last summer. So most days of the week, after Jake would go to bed, Kate and I would do her lessons. She LOVED them!
(Well, I'm not sure if she liked the reading more or the stickers and treats she'd get after the lesson was completed!)
As we neared the end of those 100 lessons, I told Kate we'd need to celebrate
once she finished because she had in fact learned to read and she worked really hard at it.
"What do you want to do?" I expected something along the lines of: a trip to Baskin Robbins for some mint chocolate chip ice cream; a trip to Target for a new doll; possibly a new dress... but what I got without hesitation was,
"I want a cookie party!" I wasn't too sure what was involved in a cookie party...but she was set on it and so we started planning! Kate decided to invite only her BEST friends to the party, which really meant all 18 of them along with their siblings. We figured the park would be best and started praying for a sunny day in the middle of the torrential February rainstorms.

Thankfully our prayers were answered and February 15th was one of the prettiest days of the month! still want to know what you do at a cookie party?
Well, you eat COOKIES of course!

Thank you Mom and Dad for coming--not only was it fun to have you--we needed you. Kate needed her biggest fans, Jake and Brik needed their sidekicks and of course I needed the photographer!
Isn't it nice to be needed? I love you both so much.
Kate welcoming her first guests--Elise and Noah

Decorating cookies is always a good idea at a party such as this
(if you look closely, there is frosting on that cute cheek)

Cookie Monster seemed an appropriate mascot...and what better way to celebrate than with a pinata?

Is there even a cookie under all of that?!!!

It's a good look for you, Gracie!

This was really our only attempt of getting everyone in the same picture. We were so grateful to our family who drove from far to be here and for our friends who joined us to celebrate something we all love!

Thanks for taking him down, Ethan!
Someone needed to get it done!

It was a success! Kate reported that her favorite activities included decorating the cookies and playing "Chocolate, Chocolate, Chip" aka Duck, Duck, Goose. Best part? Friends and Family together on a beautiful day at the park.
Worst Part? Those same Friends and Family who didn't take enough cookies home which resulted in me gaining 8 pounds.
Kate wants another one-- I told her we couldn't do it again until I lost the weight ;)


Sue said...

What a cute party idea! And I love the way you posted it, too.

Really clever, Julie!


Tyler and Rachael said...

what a super cute and fun idea. looks like it was a blast!