Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

When we were deciding what to be for Halloween this year, Kate said right away that she wanted to be a mermaid. I like to coordinate the kids-- at least as long as I can--and so I was a little hesitant to agree to it at first. "Yeah, but if you're a mermaid, what will Jake be?" She replied without a drop of a hat--"He can be a merman, Mom." I couldn't let that fly-- he's surrounded by glitter and frilly stuff constantly. He needed a tough costume-- something fierce. After some thinking, we figured he'd be the perfect shark. He loved the idea and since I am terrified of the creatures, I figured that was good enough! Somehow, he doesn't quite make me want to hide in a corner though with a pillow over my eyes! The kid is just too darn cute! Happy Halloween!

Carving Time

Last Night was the night. We cranked up the Halloween Music and grabbed our bowls and tools and went to work.

Kate wasn't so sure about the whole cleaning-out-the-pumpkin-thing. It kind of grossed her out. We told her she had to at least get some slime on her hands or she couldn't own her pumpkin. She relented.Jake loved every second of it. He couldn't get enough of poking his pumpkin will all sorts of, crayons, markers, mini saws...I guess it's true. You don't document your growth as much the more pregnancies you have. Maybe because it's so shocking at how fast your belly pops out! I like to think my body is just extra smart the 3rd time around and it knows just what to do to provide a comfy place for this little guy ;) Yes...I officially have 2 months left, but apparently this one is measuring large, so I'm not surprised if he comes early.They turned out great! Thanks, Joe, for dedicating your pumpking to me :)

So, if you don't know already, one of my favorite things is chocolate covered caramel apples. I LOVE everything about them. I decided a couple of years ago, that I'd make a tradition this time of year of making my own. Why not??? I have my own special concoction that is divine and this time around, the apples at the store were deliciously huge! So they turned out even better and more to go around for everyone! After getting the pumpkins out on the porch and cleaning up our seeds, the kids asked, "So...Can we have a little treat?" Actually, yes! I had the perfect thing.

I heard Kate mention to Joe as he was getting the kids in the bath..."That was the best night ever." I'd say it was pretty high on my list :)

Fall is Here!!!

Maybe not weather-wise, but we needed to go visit one of our favorite "Punkin Patches," as Jake likes to say, over in Half Moon Bay by the coast. We abandoned our coats in the car and enjoyed every second of sunshine together.


Kate was in HEAVEN at the little petting zoo...she said the bunnies and the pigs were her favorite. Jake just looked concerned that the goat would take him down at any moment!

Nice air!

Searching for the perfect one

Last ride-- check out those nasty feet!!!

What a beautiful day! The traffic coming back over into the Bay was horrendous, so we decided to go have dinner instead-- we ate at the BEST place right on the water-- Sam's Chowder House. Oh was it good! Like the old man sitting outside yelled when I told Joe it was going to be a 45 minute wait... "IT's WORTH IT!" And it was.