Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another Worthy Kwote

The things my kids say tickle me. So much so, that I decided to start a quote book way back when. I keep it in the kitchen for easy access, and I write down all of the fun things I hear them say. I was just catching up on it tonight and realized that I never mentioned another favorite from a couple of weeks ago.
I was cuddling with Jake before putting him down for bed, when Kate came in and the following conversation took place:
Kate: "Mom, you gotta see this.:
Me: "Not now, Kate, I'm putting Jake to bed."
Kate: "But, Mom, P-L-E-A-S-E!!! It's something Jakey did."
Me: "Just tell me what it is." (This was said a few times and then when she still resisted...)
Kate: "Well, it's not something Heavenly Father would do... it's something Satan would do."
Do you think I finally listened?!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What a Game!!!

I think that was the best championship game I have ever seen! I know practically everyone in the world was hoping Butler would pull it off. Normally, I would be cheering for them too... But I have to stand by my team!
I love Coach K. The best part about it was that we got to watch the game with Mike and Carrie and Nicholas. Our kids were spending the night at Grandma's because of my crazy work schedule this week, so as soon as Joe and I pulled into the driveway Monday night, we rushed over to the Thompson's. Nicholas was on his third day of potty training (notice he's not smiling?), but I think during the last few seconds of the game, all of us could have wet our pants!!! I was so impressed with both teams! What a great night! And even better... Joe won his pool at work! Yahoo!

Easter Morn

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, we are lucky enough to have a General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This is a time when we have the opportunity to listen to our prophet and his apostles and other inspired leaders. I love General Conference because it inspires me to be better and to focus on what's most important--those things that will bring me closer to my Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ. The conference is broadcast worldwide, and so it is actually one Sunday when we are able to "have church at home" while we tune in on the TV or computer at . This year, because Easter was the first Sunday in April, it coincided with conference. What a perfect way to celebrate Christ's resurrection and His gift to us of eternal life. So, we tried to to make it fun for the kids and made a fort for them to snuggle up in. It didn't hold their attention for the entire time, but at least we got a good 10 minutes of silence ;)When it was all over, the bunny ears were put on and the kids were ready for their Easter egg hunt. The starting block-- our back porch steps.
Unfortunately, it was freezing outide! It looked and felt as though a huge storm was about to hit!

Showing off their goods as the first raindrops began to fall

What kind of goodies await???

Jake found ONE he liked... the Reeses Peanut Butter Egg...


(I didn't know his mouth was big enough to handle that egg whole!)

Is that it?!

Go Duke!

We were watching Duke play West Virginia on Saturday and I didn't realize how intently Jake must have been listening to me, because all of the sudden I heard him running around with his toys and chapstick yelling, "Ga Gook!" I had to capture it on video! Here's a clip...

Putting A Lotta Color into Easter

It was 3 days before Easter and Kate was BEGGING me to play princess with her...again... this consists of picking out fancy dresses from her closet and mine, choosing at least 4 different pairs of shoes (hers and mine) and then pretending that we are princesses, which involves putting jammies on, "going to sleep," waking up, getting dressed for a day out of the palace, and going to the park (backyard), coming home and getting dressed once again into our ball attire, complete with jewelry, crowns, etc... you get the idea. I don't mind it every once in a while, but I was not in the mood for changing countless times and then putting it all away! I already don't like putting my laundry away! So I suggested we try a different activity! Thankfully, she couldn't wait! Jake was down for his nap, so I figured it'd be a good time to pull out the dye!!!

I showed Kate how to do it and let her at it. She had so much fun and kept checking the eggs to see if they were bright enough. The egg in the pink dye took the longest to get just right! But she was so thrilled when it came out!

I was impressed with her diligence at getting the colors just right...but this activity was NOT over. The dipping and checking and soaking lasted well over an hour and by the time Jake was awake, the water in each cup looked black and all of the eggs started taking on a similar hue.

We were nice enough to save three white eggs for Jake.

"The professional" showing him how it's done.

Even though Kate begged me to "just let Jakey sleep a little longer" when she heard his first wake-up cry, she admitted it was fun working together with him for a short while!

She left him after a few minutes and then Jake's own creative juices began to flow...

What a fun afternoon!

Although there is a lesson to be learned...
We need to be grateful for all of God's colors--if He soaked us all in green, like the fate of 90% of these eggs, the world would be a pretty boring place ;)

Happy Easter!

This Kid Has Got it Made!

Joe has always teased me that my birthday is not one day of celebration, but more like a "birthmonth." Well, I guess my son is following in my footsteps, because the day after we had my side of the family over to our home, we drove out to Ceres to celebrate the March birthdays. Happy Birthday, Alisa, Jake and Hugh!

We laughed because this would be Jake's THIRD attempt at blowing out his candle. Would he do it???

That's right, Buddy-- YOU DID IT-- you own that candle! Way to go!

Kate LOVES Ethan

Nana and Papa helping Jake read his cards

Jake getting a little extra cuddle time with someone he can't get enough of...


As I was putting this and the last post together, Kate saw the pictures and mentioned that she never got to try the chocolate cake. "I just ate the cookies!!! Could you make another one?" I think she'll have to wait until her birthday!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Celebration Numero Dos

According to Kate, it took a long time to finally celebrate Jake's birthday. Five days after he turned two, we had Brik, Gracie, Ben, Uncle Matt, Aunt Jen and Momo and BG over to make it official! The little guys at their VIP table

It was so nice to be able to have a warm spring evening to eat dinner in our backyard!
I can't wait until that is a consistent thing...

Cousins gathering round to start us all off with a beautiful rendition of "Happy Birthday." It's a good thing kids don't realize if you're tone deaf!

So, this is attempt #2 of blowing out the candle... let's just say it wasn't quite what we were expecting!!
Hmmm...the nose just doesn't quite get the job done...Matt requested a piece of cake on the back side. Probably a good idea :) My favorite part of that entire clip is when brother and sister look and each other and embrace. Oh how I love to see my kids loves each other... that is the BEST!
Jake going for it. He loves chocolate, the color yellow, and "O's" (he calls anything that is a circle, the letter "O")- so I thought I'd make it simple this year when it came to the cake...

Despite the picture... it did turn out REALLY good...this kid just doesn't like the initial sticky-finger-factor.

Could it be that there is just a touch too much sugar running through his veins?!

Obviously over the fact that he's a royal mess!

I thought this was cute. Momo made the adorable quilt that is under these three for Jake's birthday. After the party was over, the girls turned on a movie and the next thing I knew, the quilt was carefully placed directly in front of the TV, with Jake coming to join them. After all, it was his present!