Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Celebration Numero Dos

According to Kate, it took a long time to finally celebrate Jake's birthday. Five days after he turned two, we had Brik, Gracie, Ben, Uncle Matt, Aunt Jen and Momo and BG over to make it official! The little guys at their VIP table

It was so nice to be able to have a warm spring evening to eat dinner in our backyard!
I can't wait until that is a consistent thing...

Cousins gathering round to start us all off with a beautiful rendition of "Happy Birthday." It's a good thing kids don't realize if you're tone deaf!

So, this is attempt #2 of blowing out the candle... let's just say it wasn't quite what we were expecting!!
Hmmm...the nose just doesn't quite get the job done...Matt requested a piece of cake on the back side. Probably a good idea :) My favorite part of that entire clip is when brother and sister look and each other and embrace. Oh how I love to see my kids loves each other... that is the BEST!
Jake going for it. He loves chocolate, the color yellow, and "O's" (he calls anything that is a circle, the letter "O")- so I thought I'd make it simple this year when it came to the cake...

Despite the picture... it did turn out REALLY good...this kid just doesn't like the initial sticky-finger-factor.

Could it be that there is just a touch too much sugar running through his veins?!

Obviously over the fact that he's a royal mess!

I thought this was cute. Momo made the adorable quilt that is under these three for Jake's birthday. After the party was over, the girls turned on a movie and the next thing I knew, the quilt was carefully placed directly in front of the TV, with Jake coming to join them. After all, it was his present!


Sue said...

Wow, I hadn't seen your mom's hair yet. I loved the silver, but she looks beautiful any old way.


PS. That cake makes me hungry. I'm off sugar completely and craving it. =(

Brett said...

HEY!!! You didn't mention me.