Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This Kid Has Got it Made!

Joe has always teased me that my birthday is not one day of celebration, but more like a "birthmonth." Well, I guess my son is following in my footsteps, because the day after we had my side of the family over to our home, we drove out to Ceres to celebrate the March birthdays. Happy Birthday, Alisa, Jake and Hugh!

We laughed because this would be Jake's THIRD attempt at blowing out his candle. Would he do it???

That's right, Buddy-- YOU DID IT-- you own that candle! Way to go!

Kate LOVES Ethan

Nana and Papa helping Jake read his cards

Jake getting a little extra cuddle time with someone he can't get enough of...


As I was putting this and the last post together, Kate saw the pictures and mentioned that she never got to try the chocolate cake. "I just ate the cookies!!! Could you make another one?" I think she'll have to wait until her birthday!

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Sue said...

Can't believe how grown up Kate looks! They both do, actually, but Kate is a young lady now.