Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You've Got Flippers for Feet--USE THEM!

That's what I heard from my own swim coach when I was in high school. Nice. We figured Kate will probably have the same problem, so we decided she'd benefit from being on a swim team at a young age to make use of the large appendages that run in our family :)
In all honestly, swim team was cheaper than lessons, and we figured she'd be swimming 5 days a week, so she'd have to pick up on it. We kind of threw her into the fire because she was the only 4 year old on the team-- the rest of the "6 and under group" were all 6 years old. I was so nervous the first day of practice. She wasn't. She was thrilled to be wearing her stylish cap and hop in the pool with the big kids.
Jake and Mickey looked on wishing they could be in the water with her!

Yes, that's her on the end. Pink cap. The first week of practice she did what she does best and doggy paddled her heart out-- WITHOUT getting her face wet. The coaches kept trying to get her to put her face in the water, but she'd just reply, "No thanks," and continue on swimming. She looked painful-- as if she were drowning-- but amazingly, that kid's desire to not get her face wet, kept her afloat!

In fact, on one occasion that first week, a parent happened to be walking by and saw Kate "swimming" to the other end of the pool. He thought she was drowning and yelled out to the coaches, "THIS ONE NEEDS HELP!!!" I was sitting right on the edge of the pool and couldn't help my laughter. The best part about it was that she felt like she was one of the best-- doing her thing.

Thankfully, after that first week, and lots of practice with goggles in the tub (Kate and myself), she started getting that head in the water and her rear on the surface. Suddely, freestyle was her "favorite" stroke.

With all of this new found equipment, Jake was having a hay day! I found him like this one afternoon in those early weeks of practice.

Yes-- those goggles are upsidedown.

Maybe I should try that. It just might make vacuuming all the more enjoyable!

"I like the dress, but not the hat..."

That is what I heard when I had Kate try on the costume that she'd be wearing for her dance recital this year. She LOVES to dance. She can't get enough of it. She dances everywhere she goes. She was even dancing today in the mirror to keep herself occupied as she listened to the station playing while I was getting my braces tightened. Anyway, I couldn't agree more. I didn't like the hat either. But I promised she'd only have to wear it once and then she could do whatever she wanted with it.
So, way back in the middle of June (is it really almost August?!!!!), Kate had her dance recital. All of the girls were backstage waiting to perform, crowded around a little DVD player trying to get a view of the movie playing for them.While up in the nosebleeds, sat my dad, Chris, mom, Joe and Jake. Don't mind that mohawk behind us!!! Yes, that is the back wall behind the mohawk kid. There were only 2 more rows behind us in the balcony of this place...Who knew that these type of things sell out on the first day of ticket purchasing???
Thanks to my dad's AMAZING photography skills and his even more amazing telephoto lense, he was able to capture the following sequence while I tried to video. You don't even need to hear the music when you see that smile on her face, those knobby knees and her stellar moves: Yes, she caught air as she was waving goodbye to all of her fans.
Celebrating afterwards with her good friend Elise!

Jake happily held Kate's ribbon for her while she showed off her flowers...as soon as that shot was taken, the hat came off and then next thing we knew, Jake had taken the fabric off and placed the now white hat on his head. He looked like one of those wind up monkeys that needed symbols in his hands to clap together. Priceless. Glad one of us liked it.
So proud of you, Kate! I LOVED every ounce of sass and smile in your
"Ain't Too Proud to Beg" performance.