Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And the Winner is...

Ok, so this is the first Hawaii 2010 picture I will post. I know some of you have been waiting for them! I haven't had a chance to hand pick my favorites for this year yet, but that will be my next post-- I promise.
This one is definitely a top though, because in my hand I am holding the envelope that would allow us to peak into our future. We have a little tradition that we started with Kate. We go to the ultrasound and have the doctor write down for us the sex of the baby; he puts it in an envelope and then we open it up at a memorable moment.
We thought our first night in Hawaii would be perfect! Oh, and yes, I'm pregnant :) Due January 4th. Just pray for me that this baby doesn't come early...I really don't want a December birthday for this little one...
Anyway, I digress. The doc wrote on the outside of the envelope, "And the winner is..."
A BOY!!!!

Taking Advantage of the Sunshine

I love summer. How can you not? The Alameda County Fair is in our backyard, so we have now attended the two years that we've lived here!
Jake really got to enjoy it this year!

Kate and Gracie on the blue slides

Apparently Kate got a faster rug...or does she just weigh more??? Whatever the reason, she seems to be a little surprised with her speed!

"Brik is my friend." Is one of Jake's favorite things to say. Aren't they lucky that they are cousins too?

We also took a little trip this summer to the California Academy of Science...it was my first time there and I loved it!

Could have stayed a lot longer than we did--but now I know we will return!

"Freestyle's My Favorite..."

I don't like the other strokes." Well, at least we learned most of them! Swim team was fantastic this year! Kate met her best swim buddy, Shelby, and the two of them watched out for each other the whole season.

We laughed and cheered and laughed some more with every meet. Some were a little painful to watch and we had to cut our video footage short...but we learned some important lessons... like-- if you bribe your kid with a buck, she'll swim faster than you ever thought possible!

This series was her very first "dive" of her very first swim meet. I love it.

Look at that smile!!!

We can't wait until next season!

Girls Night with BG

How lucky can 4 girls be??? My dad arranged in the middle of the summer for a very special girls night out with BG. We were off to San Francisco to see Peter Pan right on the Bay across from the Ferry building. "Put it on your calendar! It's gonna be great!" Oh and was it ever! Dad never goes half way with anything. He was taking his girls out, so he had to make sure they were outfitted appropriately for their first play in the city. He picked out and ordered these dresses just for the special occasion.

Like I said, how can a girl be so lucky???

We ate dinner at the Ferry Building and walked right over to the play. Everything was perfect-- the weather, the dinner, the company... and the play was EXCELLENT! Highly recommended for anyone thinking of going to see it.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, DAD, for making this such a memorable evening--not only for your little girls, but your grown up ones too!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Berryhills in the Treetops

Every 2 years, the Berryhill family gets together for a reunion. It's usually the original family-- mom and dad+ 9 kids+ spouses and all of the children that go with it :) Well, this year was my year to plan it. While on vacation a few years ago, I met a lady who happened to mention this great "treesort" that her family stayed at 10 years prior and her kids were still talking about it--they loved it so much. So I did a little research and discovered "Out 'n' About Treehouses" up in Cave Junction, Oregon. I knew that this is was the place. I couldn't help but sing, "In the Leafy Treetops" the entire time I planned this thing. Maybe it's the primary chorister in me, but it just seemed perfect.
The pictures are in no particular order, but everyone got to pick out their own treehouses to live in and we spent a long weekend having a GREAT time together. We did family skits, we swam, we made smores around the campfire, we tie dyed t-shirts, we ziplined and then even braved the giant tarzan swing, we stayed up way too late playing BUNCO, and I'm sure there is more, but really just enjoyed being together.

Yes, that's my Kate ziplining--there is a huge smile on her face, even though she claimed she didn't want to do it!!!
The three brave, young, souls who attempted and completed the course!

Joe was thrilled his little girl decided to join him.

The Adventurists

Our very first tie tying experience

Jake still asks where his tie dye shirt is if he can't find it in his drawer and cries when I tell him it's in the wash. He says so clearly, "It (pause) Has (pause) Spirals!" And then gives me a huge grin.

The two who started it all

Thanks everyone for making the drive and taking the time to enjoy being together. We loved it and love you! Looking forward to next time!!!!

"And I'm Proud to be an American...

where at least I know I'm Free....." Oh man. I LOVE that song. I could listen to and belt out those words over and over again. They send chills up my spine. So the radio is usually on all day on the 4th of July so I can hear it again and again. I should just download it on itunes! I drove the kids around in the car and we went up and down the neighborhoods counting how many flags were up in front of people's homes. We did it when I was a kid and I wanted to make sure that tradition continued. I want my kids to know how blessed they are to be living in this country and to be excited when they see our flag. Kate asked me why more people didn't put flags up. Sadly, I wondered the same thing.

Fireworks come with the territory on the Fourth. We got together with my sister's fam, Chris and Dad (Mom was still in Italy) and met up in San Ramon for a great show.
There's just something wonderful when you spread out blankets and eat brownies and sing to patriotic songs and hear your kids "ooohs and aaahhhhs" as they watch art explosions in the sky.

Happy Fourth of July!