Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And the Winner is...

Ok, so this is the first Hawaii 2010 picture I will post. I know some of you have been waiting for them! I haven't had a chance to hand pick my favorites for this year yet, but that will be my next post-- I promise.
This one is definitely a top though, because in my hand I am holding the envelope that would allow us to peak into our future. We have a little tradition that we started with Kate. We go to the ultrasound and have the doctor write down for us the sex of the baby; he puts it in an envelope and then we open it up at a memorable moment.
We thought our first night in Hawaii would be perfect! Oh, and yes, I'm pregnant :) Due January 4th. Just pray for me that this baby doesn't come early...I really don't want a December birthday for this little one...
Anyway, I digress. The doc wrote on the outside of the envelope, "And the winner is..."
A BOY!!!!


Jill said...

congratulations!!!!!!!!! so, so, so excited for you guys. I've been waiting and waiting to see what you guys were having. we have loved the girl, boy, boy pattern.

Suzie said...

That is WONDERFUL news! I am so excited/happy/thrilled for you (and jealous)!

And thank you for updating your blog...loved going through all the posts this morning!

Sue said...

Now, THAT'S exciting!



Leslie said...

Hooray for Boys!! I'm expecting too and due in March. Hope you are feeling great!

Jeri said...

Congrats Julie!!!

Amber King said...

Yay for boys! I'm so excited for you guys.

p.s. I love your tradition.

joanne said...

You are all in our prayers.
I told the kids "The Berryhills" are having another baby.......and they were so excited for you guys!!!!

Tyler and Rachael said...

super congratulations!!

Cember Joe Cass and Molly said...

come on, a january-due baby is so much fun when they come on christmas eve!! join the party, you know you want to.

Sunny said...

Hooray! A little buddy for Jake to get into trouble with...so exciting!

T*town said...


Shaundra said...

What beautiful news, Julie! So excited for your family. Hope you're feeling good. We'll pray that baby stays put until January!