Tuesday, March 26, 2013

One of those Semi-Awkward Moments

We had the missionaries over for dinner on Sunday night, which the kids always LOVE.  After completely stuffing ourselves, we went into the living room to talk for a bit.  Jake ran out of the room and was gone for about 10 minutes.  When he returned, he had a huge smile on his face and presented the Elders with a picture.  They took it, gave him great praise, and then actually looked at the drawing.   I wish I had taken a picture of it!  There were two figures.  You know the kind-- stick figures where the legs and arms come straight out of the head?  Those are my favorite!  Anyway, they both had big smiles on their faces and next to one it said "Fat" and to the other, "Not Fat."  Niiiiiiiiiccccce.  Jake stood there so very proud.  

Now if I could describe these two Elders, I'd call one tall, blond and slender.  The type of guy who can actually pull off skinny pants.  The other is far from fat, but bigger than his companion.  Should we say powerful in appearance?  I was a little embarrassed, but at the same time, so proud of Jake for figuring out the words and spelling them and writing them correctly with no help!  How do you show those two emotions at the same time?!  I dunno.  I was just grateful we have great missionaries with happy personalities. 
They can always count on plenty of food and lots of excitement when they come to the Berryhill's  every month :)

Happy Birthday Jakers!

Last Thursday, I asked Jake to give me his menu for the big 5 year old birthday celebration.  
For the record:
Breakfast:  Swedish pancakes with a carrot and red pepper 
(what?!!!  He prefers veggies to fruit.  Can't argue with that, can I?!)
Snack for school:  squeeze applesauce and strawberry cupcakes with vanilla frosting to share with his class
Lunch:  Spaghettios
Dinner:  Johnny Rockets (Yes, they have it here, with the 50's music and all!)
Dessert:  Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting
"Oh, and I since I had Star Wars decorations last year, I'd like Phinneas and Ferb ones this year."

I went to work :)  I'm grateful for simple, 5 year old, requests.  Friday, March 22nd, I was getting ready in the bathroom, when from behind me I heard with plenty of inflection, 
"I love what you've done with the decorations!!!"

I love you, Jake.  Happy 5th Birthday!!!
Here are the Swedish pancakes with the one carrot and one red pepper.  I added the orange because I couldn't resist.  Do you think it got eaten?  Only by me :)
After breakfast, we got our cupcakes together and were off to school.  Jake's teacher, Sra. Yasnia, and his buddy Luke, were waiting at the door for him.  When he came through the gate, they yelled,  "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAKE!!!" He was so pumped.  He went to all of his teachers an announced that today was a very special day.    
And best of all?  He was presented with his uniform on his birthday.  Couldn't have been better timing.  He couldn't wait to put it on!  He was so proud of it because now he was just like his big sis.  When Kate came home and saw him in it, she asked, "What are you doing in your jammies?"  That didn't go over so well.  

The king was crowned. 

 And some of the presents were gladly opened and played with...

As soon as Joe got home, we grabbed our things and headed over to Johnny Rockets for a deliciously greasy birthday dinner.  

Jake was loving every minute of it.

and apparently Luke was too!
When we arrived home, Jake opted for presents before dessert.  The first gift he opened was from Momo and BG.  For the past 6 months, Jake has been an incognito super hero.  In fact, at church last week, he started unbuttoning his dress shirt in Primary, only to reveal his "Super Jake" shirt that he was wearing unbeknownst to me underneath.  He wanted to make sure his teacher knew who he was dealing with.  
Every night when we read his superhero books, he points out batman's grey and blue super suit and says that he wants that with "Super Jake" written on it.  Well, without "Michaels" it's pretty hard to be  creative down here.  So I put a call into Momo.  And boy did she come through with FLYING COLORS.

I had found this costume down here and bought it, just in case.  The kid was in superhero heaven.  He has slept in them, worn them to school and even doubled up and worn both at the same time.  
Luke didn't want to feel left out :)

Guess what part Jake likes on cupcakes??  
He and Kate are my perfect pair.  He eats the frosting and she eats the cake!

Happy Birthday to the strongest, fastest, smartest 5 year old protector in the universe.  
Our family is complete because you're in it, Jake!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Last Sunday we went over to Ali and Ciro's home for dinner.  Joe couldn't have picked a better guy to  work for.  The first time we went to dinner with them when we came to "check out" Chile, I fell in love with Ali.  When we walked into their home this last week, we met her CUTE daughters and then she presented each of our kids with a gift because she wanted them to have fun while we were there.  We all had more than a fun time!  I'm so grateful for their kindness and thoughtfulness from the moment we arrived in Chile.  
Here are the boys enjoying one of the gifts they received:

I love bubbles.  
Don't we all???  

                                                                         Thanks, Ali.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Introducing Our New Little Girl!!!!

No...I'm not pregnant
 But in 3 weeks we will be bringing home a little baby girl that we've named Delilah.  (Yes, we loved our  rent-a-pet-for-a-week guinea pig so much, that we decided her name would be perfect for our little bulldog).  If you're thinking, "Julie actually gave in?!!!"  I know.  

Here's the story:

After the Charlie-the-kitty-1-hour-pet incident, (it had lasting affects), Kate came to me one day and said, "I've been asking you for a pet for years." 
(3 and a half to be exact) 
"Are we ever going to get one and keep it?!!"
I talked with Joe about the possibility of a bunny or a dog.  Kate has always loved everything from roly pollies, to snakes, to cuddly, furry things.  I've always known she would be an amazing pet owner.  We have way more space than we did before--that was always our excuse!  Joe would prefer a dog over a bunny, but wanted one that didn't need to be walked 30 times a day.  So, I started doing a little research.  When I came upon bulldogs, I just laughed!   They are so funny looking and are couch potatoes!!  They can't exercise too much because they overheat so easily...perfect!  I presented the idea to Joe (still laughing), and from the peanut gallery, Kate yelled, "IT'S PERFECT!  BULLDOGS ARE LAZY AND WE'RE A LAZY FAMILY!  SO IT'LL WORK OUT GREAT!"

I never knew we were a lazy family.  

Joe began to cave.  I told him there were some babies that had just been born on Valentine's Day--30 minutes away.  We went to see them the next day.
Here she is at 10 days old.
Guess who instantly fell head over heals?

Here are the pictures the owner sent us a few days ago when she hit the one month mark.  
We have about 3 weeks to get the house puppy proofed.  
We can't wait for Delilah to join us :)


Last week I checked out a preschool for Jake.  We have been having fun at home and I've been doing the same preschool with him that I did with Kate, but he doesn't have any other activities he is involved in besides swimming once a week.  There isn't a whole lot offered by the community that I've been able to find, so preschool seemed like a decent option.  And an added bonus?  He would probably pick up Spanish pretty quickly!
 Jake and I visited for an hour last week and he LOVED it.  Well, he hung on my leg for the first 15 minutes because everything was in Spanish, but when the games and toys came out, he was pumped!  He invited our entire family to his Open House the following day.  

We had no idea that we would be entertained by a mini orchestra and an opera star! 
 Goldfish preschool does it right :)

Jake was so proud to take us around and show us everything.  When Monday morning came, he was up early and so excited for his first day.  

 We are grateful that his buddy Luke is in his class for a little English conversation :)
A successful first day!  When brother Luke and I got back in the car, he kept saying "Jake?  Jakers?"  All of the way home.  It felt just like when Kate went to school for the first day.  Someone was missing and we were feeling a little empty!!!  I hate that feeling. 
I was so relieved when we picked him up 3 hours later and he had a huge grin on his face.  It sure helps that the teachers here are full of Latin Love.  Hugs and loves constantly!  We climbed into the car and he gave me the play by play of the day's events.   I think we are going to like Goldfish.  


I had to record this.  First of all, because I love sleeping babies.  Second, because every time I put Luke down in his crib, he collects all of his stuffed animals, puts them around him, naming each one, and then says with a happy sigh, "Friends."  
I'm tickled inside EVERY TIME. Hard not to be :)  

At the Farm with the Boys!

In the last 2 months, the number of kids Kate and Jake's ages has tripled in Primary!  How fun for them!!!  Karen Whitt, a wonderful new friend to Chile, organized a trip to a farm about an hour away for our boys playgroup.  I told her I'd come along to help and to be the guide--although I forewarned her that I never get anywhere here for the first time without a few wrong turns!!! 
 She let me tag along anyway and after we got all 6 little ones (the 4 boys and the 2 younger tag-a-longs) buckled with only  a select number of tears, we were off to La Granja! 
 It was such a cute place...and BIG!  We need to go back!  We didn't even have time to see every animal and do every activity!  But the kids LOVED it.  
 Jake, Easton, Thomas and Luke
 Tractor was a big hit.  Surprised?! 
 It was the first thing the kids saw and they didn't want to do much else for a while :)

 We also got to see pigs and fish...

 ...and even ride on the see-saws!  Some of the kids didn't even know what they were!  I don't know about other places, but they've been removed from the playgrounds around where we live in California!
It was a great morning!  When we picked Kate up from school, she was devastated that we checked out someplace new without her.  All the more reason to return :)