Thursday, March 14, 2013

At the Farm with the Boys!

In the last 2 months, the number of kids Kate and Jake's ages has tripled in Primary!  How fun for them!!!  Karen Whitt, a wonderful new friend to Chile, organized a trip to a farm about an hour away for our boys playgroup.  I told her I'd come along to help and to be the guide--although I forewarned her that I never get anywhere here for the first time without a few wrong turns!!! 
 She let me tag along anyway and after we got all 6 little ones (the 4 boys and the 2 younger tag-a-longs) buckled with only  a select number of tears, we were off to La Granja! 
 It was such a cute place...and BIG!  We need to go back!  We didn't even have time to see every animal and do every activity!  But the kids LOVED it.  
 Jake, Easton, Thomas and Luke
 Tractor was a big hit.  Surprised?! 
 It was the first thing the kids saw and they didn't want to do much else for a while :)

 We also got to see pigs and fish...

 ...and even ride on the see-saws!  Some of the kids didn't even know what they were!  I don't know about other places, but they've been removed from the playgrounds around where we live in California!
It was a great morning!  When we picked Kate up from school, she was devastated that we checked out someplace new without her.  All the more reason to return :)

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Anonymous said...

Such cute little boys! Aren't they lucky to have each other? Thanks for chaperoning the field trip!