Monday, March 4, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance

One of my favorite memories in high school was the Daddy Daughter Dance.  Dad and I would go out to dinner, meet up with my girlfriends and their dad's and we would all dance the night away. 
 IT WAS THE BEST.  I still remember Carrie's dad, Mr. P., having to run home and change his button up shirt one year because he was sweating so much!  We looked forward to them every year.  

So when I heard that they were putting on a Daddy Daughter Dance at Kate's school, I knew we had to buy tickets for it.  Mine didn't start 'til high school!  How fun that Kate and Joe could start the tradition in 2nd grade!!!  She wanted to find a new dress for the special event.  We went shopping and she tried on an armful of dresses.  Once the one she fell in love with was chosen, we had to hide it in a bag to make sure Dad didn't see it.  Then we started getting her ready.  As I was drying her hair, she said, "Mom, I'm not sure which lipstick I should wear...and can you help me with my accessories?"  
 I was dying.  She was SO CUTE.  Hair. Dress. Lipstick. Jewelry. Purse with kleenex and lipgloss.  She was set.  
 The doorbell rang and I answered it.  Joe waited for Kate to come down the stairs and told her how beautiful she looked and presented her with a bouquet of roses.  She was LOVING it.  Although she did say, "Dad, can you act normal tonight?"  
 It didn't stop her though, from posing for a few pictures before they left on their date.  

 Joe and Kate both left with HUGE smiles.  They were going to have a great time.  
They returned home a little before midnight and Kate was still on cloud 9.  She came in with a bunch of balloons and 2 mugs that said, "Father Daughter Dance" and sat right down on the couch and began to tell me everything that happened.  Getting her to bed was a bit difficult, but I didn't mind.  What a memory :)


Carrie said...

Oh my word, look how grown up she is!!! Love your posts...I'm traveling in spirit with you : )

Jill said...

she looks so grown up! I love that dress. what a fun time.

Tammy Schick said...

Seriously the cutest thing ever! I love it!

Sue said...

So, SO cute.


PS. Karin remembers those daddy-daughter dances with a lot of fondness, too. But her daddy didn't keep is promises to "act normal." ;)

Tyler and Rachael said...

how preciously adorable!!!