Thursday, March 14, 2013

Introducing Our New Little Girl!!!!

No...I'm not pregnant
 But in 3 weeks we will be bringing home a little baby girl that we've named Delilah.  (Yes, we loved our  rent-a-pet-for-a-week guinea pig so much, that we decided her name would be perfect for our little bulldog).  If you're thinking, "Julie actually gave in?!!!"  I know.  

Here's the story:

After the Charlie-the-kitty-1-hour-pet incident, (it had lasting affects), Kate came to me one day and said, "I've been asking you for a pet for years." 
(3 and a half to be exact) 
"Are we ever going to get one and keep it?!!"
I talked with Joe about the possibility of a bunny or a dog.  Kate has always loved everything from roly pollies, to snakes, to cuddly, furry things.  I've always known she would be an amazing pet owner.  We have way more space than we did before--that was always our excuse!  Joe would prefer a dog over a bunny, but wanted one that didn't need to be walked 30 times a day.  So, I started doing a little research.  When I came upon bulldogs, I just laughed!   They are so funny looking and are couch potatoes!!  They can't exercise too much because they overheat so easily...perfect!  I presented the idea to Joe (still laughing), and from the peanut gallery, Kate yelled, "IT'S PERFECT!  BULLDOGS ARE LAZY AND WE'RE A LAZY FAMILY!  SO IT'LL WORK OUT GREAT!"

I never knew we were a lazy family.  

Joe began to cave.  I told him there were some babies that had just been born on Valentine's Day--30 minutes away.  We went to see them the next day.
Here she is at 10 days old.
Guess who instantly fell head over heals?

Here are the pictures the owner sent us a few days ago when she hit the one month mark.  
We have about 3 weeks to get the house puppy proofed.  
We can't wait for Delilah to join us :)


Tammy Schick said...

She is adorable! Congrats mama!

Kimberly said...

So stinkin' cute! One of the ladies that I visit teach has a bulldog named Jazzy. Funny little thing! You guys will have so much fun!

Victoria Berryhill said...

So cute

Diana said...

So cute! One day we want a dog and Ryan's always saying he wants it to be a bulldog! I guess we're a lazy family too! Haha!

Sue said...

I'm not a dog person at all, and even I think she's cute!


anitamombanita said...


Carrie Thompson said...

Wow, I got the wrong breed. Cheerio turns 8 on Sunday and still hasn't lost any energy (as I say this on our 25th walk of the day : ) But he's kept our family more active than we would have been without him...although on those cold and rainy days, i'm thinking...are you kidding me? Dogs are definitely the best and bring so much love and happiness into lives. Congrats on entering the dog-world. And tell your dog that he'll have to be a non-lazy bulldog since he came to such an active fun family : )

Carrie Thompson said...

Sorry, "she"...that's important : )

Alisa said...

Aw, she is so cute! :) Finally Kate has her dog! I died on the 'lazy family' comment. :)I would have never thought of a Bulldog as a pet for you guys. . . but your strategy makes sense. :0)