Monday, March 30, 2009

Marvelous March

Happy Birthday!!!
We love you, Alisa, Hugh and Jake!
Yes, there are plenty of reasons why March is wonderful. Five of those are, Little David Berryhill (in Washington), Alisa Berryhill, Ben Hansen, Hugh Woodruff, and my very own, Jakers. They all celebrate their birthdays in March. Four out of the 5 are on the Berryhill side, so we got together to have a group celebration earlier in the month. Here are a few highlights:
Jake with Nana Berryhill

Getting ready for Cake

Loving being with Grandma and Grandpa

Uncle Sam and Aunt Krista...the kids can't resist them!

Ethan giving his cousin a little squeeze

Kate was thrilled she got to open Jakie's presents
A little love from Nana

Wow, a chocolate cake for me?!

Couldn't quite blow out the candle like his Grandpa Berryhill did on his first birthday!

But dessert sure tasted yummy!

Jake, Joe and Papa Berryhill

I Need A Little of This!

When was the last time you experienced total relaxation? Apparently for Kate is was just a couple of weeks ago. She gave up naps 2 weeks before Jake was born. But every once in a great while droopy eyes get the best of her, and before you know it--TOTAL AND COMPLETE RELAXATION hits... or would you call it PURE EXHAUSTION?!
Whatever it is...

Jake was happy as a clam to have me to himself for a few minutes :)

Amazing, Isn't It?!

I came into the family room on one of our many rainy days earlier in the month to find Jake hanging out by the back door, just watching nature at it's best. I love a good rain storm...although as much as I loved living in Seattle for a few months 3 years ago, I don't think I could manage the drab days long term. I'd much rather visit in the summertime!
We've tried to enjoy our storms as much as possible, though. Kate decided one day after church, it was absolutely necessary to do a little rain dance. What I didn't realize was that she found the gutter's waterfall much more enticing than the delicate rain drips and drops I thought she was frolicking in!
I mentioned almost to myself one of those frigid afternoons that we needed some hot chocolate and a nice fire to warm us up and from that moment on, Kate would wake up in the morning and run to the back door to see if there were raindrops. If so, she'd say, "Mom, it's a STORM! We need to drink hot chocolate and sit by the fire to stay warm!"
Yes. Rainy days are lovely. Especially when you know the sun's rays will be peeking through those clouds soon!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Picture People's New Ploy

I got a call about 2 weeks ago from a lovely Picture People employee inviting Jake to a birthday celebration. Apparently once a month now, they are celebrating birthdays--complete with balloons, party bags and even birthday cards. We'd get a free 8x10 portrait plus 20% off any other sheets purchased. "Would you like to schedule a time on March 3rd?" Sure, why not. It's a little early, but that's ok. The Picture People must be among the many sufferers in this economy...

Well, it was POURING today. No exaggeration. We had to go out 3 different times and with each trip to the car, my appearance took a turn for the worse until finally I settled on resembling a drowned rat.
Do I go out into the elements one more time? Or cancel? Well, at least we could get a Wetzel's Pretzel if the pictures didn't turn out... the pretzel sounded good, so we went.

Glad We Did!