Monday, March 30, 2009

Marvelous March

Happy Birthday!!!
We love you, Alisa, Hugh and Jake!
Yes, there are plenty of reasons why March is wonderful. Five of those are, Little David Berryhill (in Washington), Alisa Berryhill, Ben Hansen, Hugh Woodruff, and my very own, Jakers. They all celebrate their birthdays in March. Four out of the 5 are on the Berryhill side, so we got together to have a group celebration earlier in the month. Here are a few highlights:
Jake with Nana Berryhill

Getting ready for Cake

Loving being with Grandma and Grandpa

Uncle Sam and Aunt Krista...the kids can't resist them!

Ethan giving his cousin a little squeeze

Kate was thrilled she got to open Jakie's presents
A little love from Nana

Wow, a chocolate cake for me?!

Couldn't quite blow out the candle like his Grandpa Berryhill did on his first birthday!

But dessert sure tasted yummy!

Jake, Joe and Papa Berryhill

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