Monday, March 30, 2009

Amazing, Isn't It?!

I came into the family room on one of our many rainy days earlier in the month to find Jake hanging out by the back door, just watching nature at it's best. I love a good rain storm...although as much as I loved living in Seattle for a few months 3 years ago, I don't think I could manage the drab days long term. I'd much rather visit in the summertime!
We've tried to enjoy our storms as much as possible, though. Kate decided one day after church, it was absolutely necessary to do a little rain dance. What I didn't realize was that she found the gutter's waterfall much more enticing than the delicate rain drips and drops I thought she was frolicking in!
I mentioned almost to myself one of those frigid afternoons that we needed some hot chocolate and a nice fire to warm us up and from that moment on, Kate would wake up in the morning and run to the back door to see if there were raindrops. If so, she'd say, "Mom, it's a STORM! We need to drink hot chocolate and sit by the fire to stay warm!"
Yes. Rainy days are lovely. Especially when you know the sun's rays will be peeking through those clouds soon!

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