Monday, April 11, 2011

Learning to Fly

I was in our room changing Luke's diaper, and out of my window, I could see the chains to the swing really moving..."Glad the kids are having fun," I thought. And then I heard it, "Mom!! Come quick!!!" I ran outside and saw this: "I'M PUMPING!!!" Now, first of all, our family conversations revolving around "pumping" as of the past 4 months, have only referred to me and the machine. "Mom...are you pumping AGAIN?!!" But when I heard these two words come out of her mouth and I saw that smile of freedom spread wide across her face, I was THRILLED. "When did you get it?!" I asked! We'd been working on it for months and the rhythm was not coming.
"Well, remember yesterday when I asked you to push me on the swings and you said no?" Nice. "I went outside and I just started pumping!" That gleeful giggle made me forget my feelings of lameness for not going out and pushing my daughter on the swing. I was so proud of her. She's out there every spare moment she has--enjoying her new found freedom. Of course... I've still gotta push this guy :)

Here's A Good One For You...

We got home from church yesterday and Joe immediately had to run off to meetings. I immediately had to sit down and feed Luke and the kids had to immediately change and run outside. I sat on the couch with my little snuggles in my arms and watched as the kids played with their beloved bubble machine...they were so mesmerized with what they were doing, that they completely forgot I was within eye and earshot.

Suddenly, Jake felt the need to dump ALL of our giant bubble bottle onto the ground...making it incredibly slippery, which caused Kate to wipe out. At least 3 times. This caused extreme anger in Kate, and she proceeded to tell Jake that he needed to learn his lesson. While she reprimanded him, he grabbed the hose and when her back was turned, he pulled the trigger and a jet stream of cold water hit her back with extreme force.

A scream of horror/shock/laughter rang through our neighborhood and that's about the time Luke finished up, so I could actually do something about the scene outside my screen. Forcefully, Jake was grabbed from the area and brought into his room to change him from his soaking wet clothes, as well as begin the time-out routine. As I'm pulling on his new shirt and pants, he looks at me and says,

"I wuv you, Mommy."

"Thank you, Jake. I love you too. I need you to be a good listen--" (I never finished)

"Mommy, you're beautiful."