Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Moments

An awesome Faith in God activity.  The kids learned about making mistakes, repenting and relying on the Lord.  We went on a big hike and the kids all had big rocks that had been put in their backpacks.  As it got harder and harder, they were allowed to give a rock to one of the leaders and we carried their "burden" for them.  It was fantastic!  
Kate decided she would start her own newspaper for our Berryhill family.  This was the front cover.  It came complete with a story, ad section, news and a few other pages.  It was so creative!  I loved it!
Elder Prens and Elder Carvahal are the sweetest missionaries.  We really have gotten to know them well and we are so grateful for them.  They come to our house for dinner every week or every other week.  They try so hard to do what is right and are thoughtful and considerate and always come in and see what they can help us with in Primary.  They always try their best to ask me in advance if I need to speak at a baptism instead of right before the baptism!!!  I think they are just wonderful.  They finally got a chance to serve us 2x in one week in April.  After Jake broke his arm, this stomach flu just wasted wanting to leave Jake.  We had the Elders come over to help Joe with a blessing.  And of course, to sign Jake's cast. 
Little did we know that they would be back a few days later because we found out Joe had pneumonia and was flat in bed unable to do anything just 8 days before he was supposed to leave the country.  Not good.  So Joe got a blessing too!  We are so grateful for these men and for the priesthood.  
Buddies celebrating Owen's birthday at the park.  
Ooooh!  A tropical drink made just for me!!!  I'll take it :)  Thanks, sweet Jake!

Doing a little shopping with Kate at the Grocery Story and came across these bad boys when we were waiting for our salmon.  I told her we were going to get some and she almost threw up.  
So did I actually!  
Finding ways to entertain ourselves...Loved this one!!!

Kate, working on her art project for class.
I have to say, Nido provides some pretty awesome opportunities.  

I came in to give the boys a bath and found this!!!!  I almost died!!!  Jake said that it was itchy and so he took it off.  What??!!!!!!!!!!  Made for a much easier bath, but I made him put it right back on as soon as his arm was dry. 

Showing off some of their work at Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences.

April was a FULL month.  And I have a feeling May won't be dull in the least bit!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Testing Day at Taekwondo

Today was the day for testing to see if the kids will advance to orange belt.  Jake had just gotten his cast off the day before and was finally ready to start up with classes again.  He was a little nervous that his first day back was for belt advancement!  Didn't really want to go.  I can understand that!  But had him come anyway.  That's the "problem" when your husband has just left the country for 2 months and you are now a single mom.  Your kid can't just sit at home alone!!!

Watching Luke in class is one of my all-time favorite things.  I think Kate and Jake like it too, but not as much as Luke.  This is right up his alley.  I love watching his kicks, his bows to the "maestro," his yells, his punches--everything is done with such intensity and then immediately followed by a HUGE smile and a little hop.    

I learned not too long ago, that the mom of the adorable girl next to Luke, has been battling metastatic cancer ever since she was pregnant with this little fighter.  I would have NEVER guessed in a million years.  She comes to class and sits on the couches with us every week.  Sweetest lady.  She offered to give Kate crocheting lessons while she waiting for her class to start.  Kate is super excited!!!  We just need to go and get the supplies.

  One day another friend asked if we wanted to start up a Mom's Taekwondo class.  She simply replied, "I can't.  I'm sick. And I have to be careful with my body."  Later she told me the story.  I just ached inside knowing what she is struggling with and having 2 little ones to raise.  "But I'm able to manage things fine right now.  Everything looks ok."  I pray it stays that way.

Then it was time for Kate and Jake's class.
Things were pretty serious :)  Nah, this is just their stretching before getting going.

Cheering on classmates

It's their turn!

Way to go kids!!!!  You guys did awesome!  I loved seeing you give it all had!  Now we just wait for a couple of weeks for the ceremony to see if you get to advance!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Daddy Daughter Dance 2015

Kate and Joe both look forward to this night every year.  She always wants to get a new dress and surprise Dad with one that he has never seen her in.  We were worried that Joe might miss it this year because he was leaving at the end of April.  When we heard that the dance was on Friday, April 24th, we all celebrated!!!    The night before Joe left.  He would still be able to make it.                                                
Kate and I started preparations before he even got home from work.

Suddenly the door buzzed!  


Someone was feeling pretty special!

I love this tradition.  Hopefully there will be something like this at home because these two return from their evening out, Joe is so happy and ready for bed.  Kate is so happy she can't stop talking and has no interest in going to bed!  It's hysterical.  I love it.  
Love them both with all of my heart.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Farewell CFO Don Joe

Joe had just 2 weeks left to be with us before he moved back to California to start his new job.  His team was going to miss him.  A lot.  They wanted to do something special and asked if we could host the final party at our place.  It was set.  Friday, April 10th.  I just had to run downtown so Jake could get the soft cast switched over to the hard cast in the afternoon, and that would allow me just a little time to get back and get everything set up before people starting showing up.  
As Jake and I sat in the waiting room, he looked exhausted.  I had him lie his head on my lap.  Our appointment time came and went.  45 minutes later (I'm freaking out because I have to get home to set up for the party), Jake sat up suddenly and started vomiting over and over again all over the waiting room floor.  I jumped up too!  I always wrap my purse strap around my leg when I'm not holding onto it, so it won't get stolen.  So as I jumped up, I got caught and was scrambling to get untangled while he is puking by my side.  Ohhhhhhhhh, it was awful.  A sweet woman ran to get paper towels for me.  And I rushed Jake to the bathroom.  Pooooooor babe.  He had been through plenty, but now to have the flu too?  
They called his name.  He felt ok for the moment, so we went and got the hard cast put on--thankfully he made it through, because we had to stop the car 3 times on the way home in the middle of horrendous Friday traffic.  
We got home right as people started showing up.  I'm not joking.  I was a sweaty mess and poor Jake was puking every 20 minutes.  I quarantined him to my bedroom with a bowl and some water and told him I'd be in to check on him soon.  

I ran out to finish setting up and everyone including Joe, showed up and got the grill going.  Little did we know what surprises there would be that night!  
Everyone ate and then congregated to the corner where Joe shared a few words.  
While he was talking, there was this loud drumming sound all of the sudden, and before we knew it, 
Three guys came walking into our backyard banging on their drums!

It was soooo cool!  

They had drums for each one of us and after listening to their incredible show, they taught all of us how to join in.  
I'm keeping this picture in here because I lifted the blinds in my room so Jake could watch.  Poor thing just lay barely moving in our recliner right by the window.  At one point I saw him crawling, hands and knees into the bathroom.  That's when I left the party for a while :(  
But everyone else, including the kids, had a blast!  

Kate couldn't get enough of this little princess!
And Luke was loving having his buddy Jacob to play with!
It was a late night for them but they didn't seem to mind!

Maca and Jacob ended the evening with a traditional Chilean Cueca Dance.  

Then they presented Joe with a beautiful plaque, a photo book full of memories, chocolates and flowers for me and bags of goodies for the kids.  
It was SOOOO sweet.  Joe was completely overwhelmed with gratitude.  Chile Roche guys are incredible!  What lengths you went to to make this extra special for Joe and for our family.  THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.  
We love you and are grateful for each one of you and yours.