Saturday, April 25, 2015

Testing Day at Taekwondo

Today was the day for testing to see if the kids will advance to orange belt.  Jake had just gotten his cast off the day before and was finally ready to start up with classes again.  He was a little nervous that his first day back was for belt advancement!  Didn't really want to go.  I can understand that!  But had him come anyway.  That's the "problem" when your husband has just left the country for 2 months and you are now a single mom.  Your kid can't just sit at home alone!!!

Watching Luke in class is one of my all-time favorite things.  I think Kate and Jake like it too, but not as much as Luke.  This is right up his alley.  I love watching his kicks, his bows to the "maestro," his yells, his punches--everything is done with such intensity and then immediately followed by a HUGE smile and a little hop.    

I learned not too long ago, that the mom of the adorable girl next to Luke, has been battling metastatic cancer ever since she was pregnant with this little fighter.  I would have NEVER guessed in a million years.  She comes to class and sits on the couches with us every week.  Sweetest lady.  She offered to give Kate crocheting lessons while she waiting for her class to start.  Kate is super excited!!!  We just need to go and get the supplies.

  One day another friend asked if we wanted to start up a Mom's Taekwondo class.  She simply replied, "I can't.  I'm sick. And I have to be careful with my body."  Later she told me the story.  I just ached inside knowing what she is struggling with and having 2 little ones to raise.  "But I'm able to manage things fine right now.  Everything looks ok."  I pray it stays that way.

Then it was time for Kate and Jake's class.
Things were pretty serious :)  Nah, this is just their stretching before getting going.

Cheering on classmates

It's their turn!

Way to go kids!!!!  You guys did awesome!  I loved seeing you give it all had!  Now we just wait for a couple of weeks for the ceremony to see if you get to advance!

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