Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Morn

This was the first year Kate really protested with the bunny ears picture.   But I wouldn't let them go out on their hunt until I took this :)  
It's kind of tradition.  
Jake didn't let his broken wrist slow him down.
Kate discovered that the Easter Bunny's hiding spots for some of the eggs had been poor choices.  Ants and the sun (even though it was still early morning) had started to take their toll on the poor little chocolates.  
Luke didn't care.  He just wanted to find more and more and more and more....

Time to enjoy all of our treasures!
There can be some frustrating lego moments when you only have one good hand, but he's still smiling :)  

I love Easter.  The kids always rush to find the Empty Egg because then they feel like they really got the grand prize when they find it!  I am so grateful for that empty tomb.  For the knowledge I have that Jesus Christ lived again and so can we.  What a blessing that has been in my life.  

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