Saturday, April 4, 2015

Accidents Happen

I got a text from Jen that she was in an ambulance on the way to the emergency room with Ben.  He had completely busted his femur as he and Brett were skateboarding to Young Mens.  The neighbors heard his screams from inside their homes so loudly that they came running out to see what was the matter.  
This just makes my stomach turn.   A metal rod had to be placed from his hip to his knee so he could start the healing process.  It was major.  

 Showing off a little of the love we sent to him.
In his prayers that night, Jake said, " "Dear Heavenly Father, please bless that when Ben walks through the machine at the airport, they'll understand. And thank you for helping me ride my bike by myself by telling my brain to do it...".

Sweet Jake was really worried that the metal detectors will always go off when Ben goes to the airport now.   Just a few days later, and the weekend of Easter, Jake took a bad spill on his bike and came home all beat up.  

 Poor thing was scratched up all over the place.  His fingers were cut up and his wrists hurt him.  Wow.  Jake.  You were banged up pretty good!  We got him to bed thinking that when he woke up the next morning, he would be sore but feeling better.  His spirits were pretty good!  So we decided to go to our Easter party at the Well's home. 

 I did notice he was holding his wrist to his chest the entire time we were there.  Hmmm.  But he was still smiling and running around and finding eggs!
 Luke was loving it.

 Going through the loot.
A little "Just Dance" was going on downstairs when someone bumped into Jake's arm and he collapsed.  Sobbing.  Maybe this was bigger than just a jammed wrist!  I took Kate and Luke home and Joe took Jake to the doctor right away.  

Wrist was broken :(  My poor babe.  We felt awful.

 So now it was my turn to send a text to Jen.  
(When it hurts really bad, it doesn't matter what's on your feet as long as it works.) 

Our first and hopefully last broken bone for our kids.

 If that wasn't enough, just days later, sweet Jake was hit with a horrendous stomach flu.  He had to sleep on our floor next to us because he couldn't keep anything down.  Every 20 minutes for a few days we were taking trips to the bathroom.  I felt HORRIBLE for this little guy.  And through it all, he had that adorable smile.  

The good news?  I got to be his very first signature.  

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