Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Big Guy's Big Day

Jake turned 1 on March 22nd. I know that time goes by fast, but his first year has been a whirlwind for me. What a cutie. I've been asked quite a number of times if we are "done."
"You've got your girl and your boy, how perfect!" They say. And my response? If I knew all babies would be like Jake, I could have 10 more (minus the whole being pregnant thing). He has been happy from day one. I've loved every second with him.

We brought the Patterson clan over to our house on Jake's actual birthday. Here are a few of those moments...

The evening began with an intense race to the remotes at the end of the coffee table.

Jake eyes his competition... "I think I've got this one nailed... Of course, I am 3 months older than Brik and he's almost walking! I better step it up a notch!"

Way to go, Boys!

Kate and Gracie were getting things perfect at the princess table

And we were ready to enjoy the food

Jake's Cake...Let the Fun Begin

Happy Birthday, Jake!

So glad your mine!

Following in her BG's Footsteps

The other day I was taking some incredible footage of Kate "doing circles and leaps" in the dining area :) She'd have me video her and then she'd want to watch herself over and over again until finally that lost her interest and she wanted the camera. I put the strap around her neck and showed her how to look through the view finder and take a picture.
Well, I became distracted with trying to clean a pan that we had made potstickers in the night before (which by the way, Joe says even though the potstickers are delicious, the clean up is so awful, he doesn't want them any more! Anyone have any tips? They are the Costco ones...), and the next thing I know, there are 37 pictures that Kate has captured.
As I scrolled through all of them, I found pictures of my butt...Kate's chin...and and then some of Jake that made me laugh out loud. It's great to be able to see life through a 3 year old's eyes.
Kate's BG, my dad has an incredible talent when it comes to photography. He knows just how to capture people's personalities and those perfect you think his granddaughter will take after him? I LOVED this one she took of Jake. How can you not smile when you see that?!