Thursday, March 14, 2013


Last week I checked out a preschool for Jake.  We have been having fun at home and I've been doing the same preschool with him that I did with Kate, but he doesn't have any other activities he is involved in besides swimming once a week.  There isn't a whole lot offered by the community that I've been able to find, so preschool seemed like a decent option.  And an added bonus?  He would probably pick up Spanish pretty quickly!
 Jake and I visited for an hour last week and he LOVED it.  Well, he hung on my leg for the first 15 minutes because everything was in Spanish, but when the games and toys came out, he was pumped!  He invited our entire family to his Open House the following day.  

We had no idea that we would be entertained by a mini orchestra and an opera star! 
 Goldfish preschool does it right :)

Jake was so proud to take us around and show us everything.  When Monday morning came, he was up early and so excited for his first day.  

 We are grateful that his buddy Luke is in his class for a little English conversation :)
A successful first day!  When brother Luke and I got back in the car, he kept saying "Jake?  Jakers?"  All of the way home.  It felt just like when Kate went to school for the first day.  Someone was missing and we were feeling a little empty!!!  I hate that feeling. 
I was so relieved when we picked him up 3 hours later and he had a huge grin on his face.  It sure helps that the teachers here are full of Latin Love.  Hugs and loves constantly!  We climbed into the car and he gave me the play by play of the day's events.   I think we are going to like Goldfish.  


Kimberly said...

Your dad was telling me about this yesterday. The first photo of Jake, with his backpack on, looks just like Chris! So glad he's loving it!

Sue said...

This sounds great for him!