Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Putting A Lotta Color into Easter

It was 3 days before Easter and Kate was BEGGING me to play princess with her...again... this consists of picking out fancy dresses from her closet and mine, choosing at least 4 different pairs of shoes (hers and mine) and then pretending that we are princesses, which involves putting jammies on, "going to sleep," waking up, getting dressed for a day out of the palace, and going to the park (backyard), coming home and getting dressed once again into our ball attire, complete with jewelry, crowns, etc... you get the idea. I don't mind it every once in a while, but I was not in the mood for changing countless times and then putting it all away! I already don't like putting my laundry away! So I suggested we try a different activity! Thankfully, she couldn't wait! Jake was down for his nap, so I figured it'd be a good time to pull out the dye!!!

I showed Kate how to do it and let her at it. She had so much fun and kept checking the eggs to see if they were bright enough. The egg in the pink dye took the longest to get just right! But she was so thrilled when it came out!

I was impressed with her diligence at getting the colors just right...but this activity was NOT over. The dipping and checking and soaking lasted well over an hour and by the time Jake was awake, the water in each cup looked black and all of the eggs started taking on a similar hue.

We were nice enough to save three white eggs for Jake.

"The professional" showing him how it's done.

Even though Kate begged me to "just let Jakey sleep a little longer" when she heard his first wake-up cry, she admitted it was fun working together with him for a short while!

She left him after a few minutes and then Jake's own creative juices began to flow...

What a fun afternoon!

Although there is a lesson to be learned...
We need to be grateful for all of God's colors--if He soaked us all in green, like the fate of 90% of these eggs, the world would be a pretty boring place ;)

Happy Easter!

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Tyler and Rachael said...

looks like a very fun afternoon! what a mom to help Kate with such a project!