Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jakers!

Can it really be that 2 years ago last night I was awakened in the middle of the night by Jake letting me know he was ready to join our family? I still laugh because I had just been to see my OBGYN the previous day and she said, "Nope, nothing's happening-- he won't be here for a while." I woke Joe up after watching the clock for 3 hours-- too shocked to say anything earlier-- we rushed off to the hospital, leaving my mom with her nervous giggle and my dad chasing behind us in his car (we had forgotten the camera...)
THREE WEEKS EARLY. Hospital Bag? Not packed. Baby Clothes washed? Nope. Baby Shower? No Show (I did RSVP with my new response!) Could we have been any happier? NEVER! Jacob James Berryhill was here and he was was ours. He didn't want to miss out on seeing everyone at his baby shower and we couldn't wait for him to be there!

So today we had a mini celebration, thanks to Grandma! I work on Mondays, so we decided we would celebrate this weekend with family. Grandma came to watch the kids and just as grandma's do, she spoiled Jake with birthday love and made his favorite-- spaghetti. We put 2 candles in the cupcakes she brought and sang to him! I was so grateful to her because I really hadn't planned anything for today and was feeling a little guilty.
The frosting and confetti sprinkles were by far top priority

Jake loved the singing and kept on singing to himself after it was over... "Happy Cake, Happy Cake...."

Makes sense.
I love you, big 2 year old. More pictures and celebrating to come this weekend!!!


Sue said...

Happy birthday, Jake!

(If I'd had one more son, his name would have been Jake.)


Woodruffs said...

I love the video! Happy Birthday Jake!

Amber King said...

Oh Happy Birthday Jake! He looks so big. And that last picture has got to be the cutest!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday, big man!! We can't believe how fast time flies...we love you!!

Jen said...

We love you cute Jake!!!

Sunny said...

Wow....2 already! What cute kids! Happy Birthday little guy!

Tyler and Rachael said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!