Sunday, March 21, 2010

An Afternoon of Smiles and Laughter

Last week was the grand re-opening of a little place in San Jose, called Happy Hollow. It was closed for over 1 1/2 years as they renovated the entire park. Because we are members, we got a "sneak peak." So I decided to take the kids on Tuesday. IT WAS FANTASTIC. So much better than before! The zoo is practically the same except they moved the petting area to a completely new spot (in a cute barn up by the entrance) and had a big dinosaur excavation area in it's place. We spent a little time there...
And then moved on to check out the puppet shows, the amazing new play structure, and of course... the rides! This roller coaster ride below is new to the park. Kate really wanted to go on it, but Jake was too little. I told her to go for it, but she'd have to go alone, because I had to stay with her brother. Hesitation and worry, but she still got on!! I was kind of surprised!

By the look on her face, I'd say she made the right decision...

She loved it so much, she went on it twice.

Makes me feel like going to Disneyland and hopping on Space Mountain...

We'll definitely be back for that one!

Next came the ladybugs...

and then the cars...

But Jake's all time favorite was the Frop Hopper. Oh, how he loved the Frog Hopper!

It's one of those rides that brings you up,up,up, and then drops you down and brings you back up again... He would giggle and giggle and just laugh the entire time!

Checking out how high off the ground they were getting

Look! No hands!

That's my girl! Thanks for smiling, Kate! Jake was giving the girl next to him the evil eye because she took his seat! Nice.


Here's a clip that'll make you sick, but you'll get to see the pure delight on Jake's face. I'd say his first "roller coaster" ride was a success!!
On the drive home... Do you think I wore them out? What a great day, together. They can't wait to take Dad back with them!


Sue said...

I'll have to take my grandkids next time they're here. They liked it before, so I bet they'll be thrilled now!


Sunny said...

You captured their faces so well. What fun!