Monday, February 8, 2010

"WHY??? Is It a Dump?"

That's the question I get when I've told the kids we aren't doing ANYTHING until we clean up the house. I guess I've used the word "dump" one too many times. I was on the phone with my sister a couple of days ago and happened to actually look at my house--you know--really look at it. It was 12:57PM, about 30 minutes before Jake would be going down for his nap and I was disgusted.
Without a smidge of exaggeration, every inch of our house was in chaos. Pure chaos. It usually is right before Jake's nap time. I usually straighten up twice a day-- right after I put Jake down in the afternoon and then again after the kids
go to bed.This day happened to be a little different. Instead of having that overzealous motivation to get things in order, I just sat and looked at it. I thought to myself and even expressed to Jen, "I should take a picture of this place just to make others feel better!"And you know what? That's what I did. I picked up my camera and started shooting. Kate started laughing and Jake looked at my like I had truly lost a screw. But I decided it needed to be recorded. Why not?!! (Thank you, Kate. She decided she'd capture me in the moment! Yes, that's the phone and the camera in hand, and yes I'm sitting in complete astonishment)

Too often I'll get those LAME feelings of inadequacy when I start reading those perfectly beautiful blogs where someone has just posted her delectable 5 course gourmet meal that she just "whipped up;" her latest sewing masterpiece; the business that she's decided to start up with her children purely to teach them about responsibility...and all of this while a darling toddler hangs onto her knee.
(***Extremely Important Note--PLEASE do not stop those posts--I do love them--and some day I'll have the desire to actually attempt one of those fantastic feats and I'll have to use that exact post as my reference!)

But until then, this post goes out to anyone who wonders if she is the only one who sits and stares at the utter destruction and helps herself to a donut while doing it. No, you aren't the only one...I'm right there with ya! I have only one question, "Old Fashioned or Chocolate covered?"


Sue said...

Oh, Julie. You are such an original!

And I love you for it.


cara said...

Thank you Julie! I love it! We could get a little competition going, but I bet I would win. I do have 3, though. You're a cutie!

Emily said...

Your post made me chuckle. I must admit, that I usually feel like I 'have it all together'...usually. Then I look around at similar messes and think, "Who am I kidding??" Loved the post!

Carrie said...

Right there with ya, and I've only got one : ) I blame it on the tiny houses we have out here in CA. If we had more room, the mess would get more spread out right?

Lindsay said...

Thank you. I am being overly zealous because we are selling. I just packed up most of our stuff so there is basically less to put away.

Megan Bruschke said...

I am in LOVE with this post - oh how I relate! I JUST read a friend's blog in which she posted her BEAUTIFULLY put together children, the amazing paper flowers she whipped up for a church bulletin board, the incredible at-home preschool projects she does twice a week, etc. etc. I love her to pieces, but I am feeling MUCH more inspired by your post as it pertains to my life to a T!