Monday, December 29, 2014

Amazonas: Day 3 The River People


 As we said goodbye to the animals, we passed by some HUGE lily pads.  
I had to put Jake and Luke in there just so you could see how truly big these things were!

 And then, with a rainbow in full view, we headed down the Amazon once again.  
This time, to meet the River People.  

 We made our way to a ceremonial hut where we would meet and dance with the natives.  

 Then it was outside to see how these people hunt with the blow dart guns.

 These beauties loved seeing pictures of themselves.

 It was Joe's turn to give it a shot.

 Then Kate's...  (I love that Kate is this mans same size)

 Then mine.  Look how I TOWER over him!
 And finally Jake's turn.  
 He always knows how to make people smile... no matter what language they speak.
 Our target.
 Way harder than it looks ;)  We were caught up in the moment.  It was only after the fact that I thought about how many mouths had been on those things.  I'm shocked we didn't come down with anything frightful!!!

Cute Kids. 

 Posing for a picture while the chief watches over.


 Adorable.  The kids were THRILLED that they could see a sloth up close one more time!

 Seeing for herself how cute she is.

 Everyone wanted in.
 I love this shot.

 Now we're just getting silly.

 Not too many toys out here to play with.

 Buying a few souvenirs and getting a chance to hold this little sloth.

 We were about to leave when these boys asked if they could take a picture with Kate.  Look at her cute face!!!
 She couldn't stop laughing...
 Don't think she mind that attention one bit :)  

 Luke was feeling a bit timid with the whole experience.  He likes to take his time meeting new people, so when I asked him if he would take a picture with these boys, this was his response.  I guess that was a no. 

 We walked back to our boat and the climbed in and the kids all followed :)

 The boat was an excellent diving board for cooling off on a really hot day.

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