Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday, Luke Michael Berryhill!

How are you 4 years old? When Kate and Jake were that age, I was making them do quite a bit on their own because I had a baby to take care of and I needed them to be a little bit more independent.  Suddenly you are 4 years old and because there are no diapers to change, babies to feed and binkies to clean, there's a chance I may coddle you a bit.  I admit it and I'm completely fine with it :)  

 You love holding my hand.  And I adore holding yours.  You stop what you are doing and give me kisses on my arms, legs or cheek at random moments throughout the day.  You mastered the perfect snuggle from day one.  You have such enthusiasm for even the little things, "I WUV THIS DINNER!  FANK YOU, MOM!!!!", that I can't help but just smile and even laugh at times at how high you rate on the cuteness-meter.  Every time you hear the horn honk outside, you know Dad is home and you drop everything and bolt to the door, throw it open and HOLLER, "DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  And then jump into his arms.  You are never the first to let go, so these welcomes can go on for quite some time.  You still have an ongoing relationship with the ABC's and have even started learning how to read.  This is the 3rd birthday that you have requested a Letter Party.  

With all of your enthusiasm for life, you know how to let it be known when you are ticked.  When you are happy, things a GREAT!  But when something upsets you, your ability to channel all of that energy into some whopping scenes of screaming and tears is quite impressive.  We all like to remind you that freaking out isn't how we do things in this family and we tend to let you be until you are ready to join us again.  You are hesitant to let the real you show in public.  Too much attention results more often than not in you using my rear end as I hiding place for your face.  Working on this.  Everyone loves you.  You are one adored kid, Luke.  You love to drive Jake crazy.  Working on this.  And you love, oh how you love, goodies--helping to make them, buy them and eat them.    And so, on the morning of November 26, 2014, we decided to start your day off right--with presents and goodies.
 Kate and Jake wanted to make sure that they were home for you to open your presents.  So, we woke you up early and the kids "helped" you open your gifts before we took them to school.
 You were feeling pretty good.
 And were so excited when we surprised you with your Minion bean bag that you had been asking for!

Kate and Jake love you so much, buddy.  They didn't want to leave for school.

 But they did.  Dad took them so I could  make Swedish Pancakes for your birthday breakfast request.  

 Our day was going to be full of birthday fun.  We started off by letting you decorate your own birthday cake.  You were ECSTATIC!  
 And you did quite a job!  You knew where every sprinkle and umbrella and candle should go.  
 I learned that a 4 layer cake doesn't work so well if you don't prop it up.  Soooooooo, layer number 4 was removed after it began cracking and sliding down the sides of the cake and patching it with more and more frosting failed.  It got it's own special plate-- and to cover up the cracks?  Sprinkles of course!  That's my guy.  You were in complete heaven.

Your day was off to a perfect start.  

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