Sunday, December 28, 2014

Amazonas: Day 2 Finishing up with a Night Hike

 We made our way back down the Amazon and it was just beautiful with the sun shining on the little huts and villages.

Most of the little villages had these little "ports" for people to dock there boats.  The homes were somewhere behind all of that green, but the only sign that they existed from the water was the set of stairs ascending between the trees. 

 Sunshine just brings the river to life!  Gorgeous!

We got home, cleaned up, had dinner, and then went out to see if we could find any cool creatures in the dark.  Boy, did we find some!
Excited about finding some of the noisy frogs and toads 
 We couldn't see a thing without our flashlights, but we could sure hear plenty!  It's NOISY at night in the Amazon!
 I couldn't believe how many tarantulas we found!

Along with the spiders, the tarantulas, the frogs and the bats, we also were able to see the yellow gleaming eyes of the crocodiles in the lakes nearby.  It was an exciting hike but we were sure glad we weren't sleeping out there :)  Happy to go back to our little hut and crawl in bed that night.

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