Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Christmas Time

 at the Berryhill Home!  Christmas Eve this year was going to be one big party.  Our first year here we carried out all of our traditions with our little family in the baking heat.  It was different and wonderful and well, different.  Our next Christmas here, we decided it felt a little more festive if we had a few extra bodies in our home.  So we invited the Hamilton's and the Whitt's over for Nana's lasagna on Christmas Eve.  What a blast that was!  This year, we decided, the more the merrier, so all of the gringo families from church were extended the invitation. After all, your friends are your family here, and who better to spend Christmas with?!!!

 So, we decided we needed to have some supplies.  The kids  did a great job trying out all of our photo booth options :)

And then I realized there was no way I'd be able to make Nana's lasagna for that many people.  It'd be hot.  A BBQ and summer pool party it would be!  We got things as festive as possible and couldn't wait for people to start showing up. 
What a GREAT GROUP!!!  There were quite a few of us hanging around this year!
The Johnson family, Price family, Ordaz family, Call family, Evans family, and the missionaries of course.  Boys were throwing parachute guys off of the roof, girls were planning a picnic for themselves around the side of the house, plenty were in the water, a Christmas movie was playing in the living room and we all got to just sit and talk and eat and enjoy one another.  
Oh!  And the photo booth was busy. 

Really Busy.  

Everybody loves Elf.
Damon, Owen, Jake, Liam, Sienna, Luke and Lucas
Where we spent most of our the table eatting :)

Nate and Britany Evans family (Owen, Damon, Sienna)

Tex and Anne Johnson family (Ian, Maci, Reagan and TJ)
Moroni and Tiffany Ordaz family (Liam, Eli, Lucas-- Moroni was home with a sick baby Porter)

The Call Family (Izak, Larissa, Matt, Andrew, Raquel and Eric)

And us :)  The Price family snuck out before I could grab a family photo of them!  So we took a bunch to make up for it ;)

Yep.  I'd say it turned out all right.  Loving that someone next to Luke is chiming in with the "fa la la la la."  Don't think he even noticed :)  

Thank you gringos for spending such a special day with us.  We are truly blessed.  

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