Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nido Christmas Concert

Or winter concert or whatever you'd like to call it.  We got to attend two and they were fabulous.  

 Singing and playing instruments!

 This guy was feeling PRETTTTY DARN GOOD.  I LOVE that beaming smile.  Made me sooo very happy.  And he did a GREAT job.  He was a little bummed that he got "stuck" performing a Hanukkah song.  It cracked me up, because I remember so clearly not loving those as much either because they always seemed to be in a minor tone.  And I've always favored major.  Once he was finished though, as you can tell, he seemed to forget his sorrows ;) 

 Then it was Kate's turn.  They could wear crazy hats if they so desired.  Kate chose her sparkly 4th of July headband but opted to not turn on the red, white and blue flashing lights :)  

 Luke apparently gets shy or embarrassed or I'm not sure what, even when he is in the audience WATCHING others perform.  Any time there was a song with a great beat and the audience would start clapping along, he'd throw his hands over his eyes and hide his head in my lap.  (My rear was in a chair, so hiding in that wasn't an option).  Hmm.  Definitely not like his older brother and sister.  Might need to read up on some of those parenting books on my shelf...

 They danced and belted out an African song that was awesome.  
Proud of you two!  We loved coming to see your bright, shining faces perform.  

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