Saturday, December 6, 2014

Atacama: Valle de la Muerte

 The following day we got up early and headed out to Valle de la Muerte.  Looks like it, doesn't it?
 We were even surprised to find a living plant on our hike, let alone this guy.  Can you see him? Everything is the same color here in the Valley of Death.

 Our goal for this excursion was to have a little fun on the ENORMOUS sand dunes.
 But we had to get there first!
 We found another one!
 He didn't last very long.  Hahahaha!
 We climbed down the rocky cliff to the dunes and looked at steep expanse that lay before us.

 And then we went for it.  

 We ran, we jumped, we rolled, we laughed.... all the way down.

 When we finally got to the bottom, everyone had to take off our shoes and pour out the pounds and pounds of sand that found its way in.
We looked off into the distance and saw all of the people who were sand boarding on the dunes below us.
 We noticed one thing right off the bat.  There were no lifts to carry these people to the top!  Quick run down and then you have to hike back up over and over and over again.  In the desert heat.  

 It didn't look like much fun to me.  

So, we continued on our journey and saw some pretty cool salt crystals embedded in the rock...


 A few caballeros... not quite sure what they were doing out here...

and, yep, even more salt.

This trip just kept getting better and better.

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