Monday, December 29, 2014

Amazonas Day 3: Birds, Snakes and Other Creeping Things

 "Why are you looking at us like that?  This is completely normal."

 We LOVE toucans.  Can't get enough of that plastic beak and the color!

 Some of these green parrots have actually migrated to Santiago!  During the spring time, we can find groups of them in the trees close to where we live.

 This one really liked Joe.

 I don't blame her.

 Happy, happy kiddos.  Yes, that's a sloth.  I have a whole post dedicated to him right after this one!

 Wouldn't be surprised in the least if she becomes a vet

 So we were oohing and awing over the sloth when we happened to look right behind us and saw a little spot filled with water and "marked off" with logs.  
 "Que es esto?"  Jake asked
And then we looked closely.  Do you see it's eyes and head?  
A little warning would have been nice!!!!
 This coatimundi couldn't even sense he was in there and went right ahead and grabbed something to drink.  


 The boys didn't want to take part in this with dad.  
The sheer size of the python was enough to make Jake grab hold of himself and ask if there was a bathroom on the island ;) 

 Monkeys were a little jealous we were paying attention to animals other than them, so a little showing off was taking place.

 The Mata Mata aquatic turtle.  They like to hide in slow moving water and streams and wait to catch their fish.  Camouflage really well because they look like a pile of fallen leaves!

We LOVE this place!

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Carrie said...

Going to the zoo will never be the same again huh?
Love the pics...nicholas would be so jealous of the toucan