Saturday, December 6, 2014

Atacama: Laguna Cejar

 After a little relaxation and lunch, we got prepared for our next adventure.  Sunscreen is a must out here.
 Someone was trying to be helpful.
 I love the hand in this picture-- you can imagine what kind of instruction was being given.
But if Jake continues to apply the sunscreen with such determination, then it should exempt Luke from all of that stinging in his eyes.  Right?!  

We finally made it to our destination of Laguna Cejar--Saltwater pools in the middle of the desert.

 We'd be having a very similar experience to the one I had in the Dead Sea 16 years before.

 Salt crystals everywhere we looked. 
Amazing that some of these plants even survive with all of the salt corrosion around them!

 Wow the water was cold!
 And much shallower than the Dead Sea.
 The good news was that it didn't sting as horribly as I remember the Dead Sea did.

 The view was spectacular.  

 See that blue container?  It's what we used to try to get the salt off of us.  It took quite a few tries for us to even come close :)

 Literally looks like snow!

 After all of that sunscreen prep, Luke fell asleep on the way to Laguna Cejar, and missed all of the excitement.  


But our day wasn't finished yet!

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